Wednesday, October 16 2019
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Friendship Lagaccio - Alessandria

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First half fairly balanced with both teams trying to build winning games, with numerous changes in the front, but without managing to change the result.
At the 8 'Zella serves Bergaglia with precision, but Accardo comes out of the poles and saves his net.
At the 10 'Zecchino manages to sow his direct rivals on the wing at speed and looks for the net, but the ball goes out sideways.
At 11 'it is Zella who from the flag worries Accardo who is forced to intervene with fists.
At the 23 'Zella offers a good ball to Bergaglia who tries to head, but Accardo grabs the ball.
At the 24 'Baghino frames the grisoner door, but the trajectory of the ball is external.
At 29 'Del Francia, marked narrow by Capra, tries the cross with the ball that shoots over the crossbar.
At the 32 'Lazzaroni with a good cross serves the runaway Captain Amandola who finds Accardo vigilant.
At 35 'Zecchino from a good position, tries to fool the goalkeeper with a header but the ball is retaken, Bergaglia takes advantage, but also his shot is intercepted, it is Lazzaroni who hooks the ball and pulls: Accardo saves the situation.
At 38 'Pesce comes face to face with Minato but the shot is central and easy for the goalkeeper.
At the 39 'Zecchino from the edge of the area throws the ball just over the crossbar.
Goal-free nets in the first half.
The second half begins as a faithful copy of the first, the forces in the field seem to be equivalent as well as the possession of the ball and the consequent actions.
At the 6 'Bergaglia hooks the sphere on the fly and turns it into the door, finding Accardo ready for intervention.
At the 8 'Del Francia, after a good duel with Capra, he looks for the first post but finds Minato well positioned.
At 26 'Schiavi with a spectacular heel passes the ball to Bergaglia who serves Amandola, but the Ligurian defense department does not allow shooting.
Al 27 'Bargi (entry from two minutes) exploits a misunderstanding of the Alexandrian defense: a not well calibrated back pass is the assist for his first goal.
At the 29 'always Bargi, served with a long ball on the wing, frees himself from his direct opponent and with a powerful shot he signs his double.
The Alexandria proves to have suffered the blow and for some minutes loses its lucidity. Fortunately, the departments close and find the right rhythm, without being able to change the result.
Mr. Cantone is not in the mood for discounts: "today's defeat is completely different from the previous two. The opposing team was within our reach today. Alexandria has tried to build without ever being able to achieve. Unfortunately, there have been some inattentions and less proactive attitudes on the pitch that led to this result. "

Lagaccio Friendship: Accardo, Piombo, Ghidetti, Bonissone, Liccio, Baghino, Nietante (12 'st Lo Sordo), Merler, Cereseto (19' st. Boggero), Pesce (25 'st. Bargi), Del Francia. In disp: Minopoli, Gandini, Aloi, Biringhellli. Coach: Naples

ACF Alessandria: Minato, Capra, Lazzaroni, Zecchino (20 'st Luison), Marigonda, Marinoni, Schiavi (30' st Violino), Zella, Bergaglia (36 'st Garavelli), Amandola, Barbesino. To disp: Giribaldi, Devecchi, Cossu. Coach: Canton

Markers: Bargi (27'st; 29 'st)
Race director: Calefati di Saronno
Assistants: Rushanaj and Garrone of Genoa

Simona Borelli



Enrico Manassero
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