Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Castelfranco - Cuneo

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On the penultimate day of the championship, the Cuneo Soccer Female draws against the pursuers of Castelfranco and remains always at + 1 in the standings, postponing the final verdict to next Sunday, when at home will host the Lagaccio Genoese. In front of a crowded tribune of supporters, including forty arrived specially from Cuneo, Cuneo took the lead at the 10 'with a nice shot from distance by Errico who saw Baldi slightly off the post and bagged just under the crossbar. In the first half, played under rain and wind, there were not many noteworthy actions, except for a nice ride from Acuti in the band that served Prugna at the penalty spot but the Tuscan striker failed an easy goal and two Cuneo counter-attacks but with Papaleo stopped offside.
In the second half, when the storm ended, the sun came out on Castelfranco and the landlords pressed for a draw. After only ten minutes Greppi's foul intervention on Mastalli in the area, the referee granted the penalty that Cinotti made with confidence: ball on one side and goalkeeper on the other and match and league still reopened for every result. In the event of a victory for Castelfranco, in fact, the women from Tuscany would have been leading at the top of the standings at 90 minutes from the end of the championship, while for Cuneo a draw would have allowed them to maintain the leadership and a victory in the mathematical certainty with an advance round of the transition to A These premises have made the final of the match incandescent, which in the last half hour saw so many reversals in the face. The landlords went close to scoring with two shots of Acuti neutralized by Russo, with a providential intervention by the Greppi center to neutralize Mastalli, while on the other side to signal to the 75 'a powerful shot from the distance of Armitano addressed in the seven of the it leads that Baldi miraculously succeeded in a corner with a great flick of his back. In the final three corners followed by Castelfranco who tried everything to bring even his goalkeeper into the area, but despite the dangerous mixtures in the area the Cuneo managed to bring home a major draw, which allows them to always stay ahead of the game ranks at 90 minutes from the end of the 2015-16 championship. Everything is then postponed to Sunday 22 May, when Lagaccio will arrive at the synthetic park of the Youth Park at 15,30, while Castelfranco will play against the other Genoese Molassana team.

Castelfranco CF: Baldi, Di Guglielmo, Maltomini, Varriale, Parrini, Caucci, Prugna, Cinotti, Mastalli (74 'Di Lupo), Acuti, Morucci. Coach: Pistolesi.

Female Football Cuneo: Russo, Rosso, Armitano, Franco, Greppi, Errico, Moscia, Mascarello, Papaleo (75 'Cerato), Cama, Spanu (49' Cobelli). All: Petruzzelli.

Cuneo Women's Press Office


Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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