Sunday, 20 October 2019
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Musiello, poker at Reggiana

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Vince convinces and closes in front of their supporters Musiello Saluzzo who defeats the Reggiana for 4-1 maintaining the three points advantage over ACGI, direct rival for the third place finish.
At 'Damiano' Mr. Panigari chooses the classic 4-2-3-1 with Malosti between the posts, in defense Drammis, Basta, Tosetto and Graziotto, from the breakwater in front of the defensive package the tandem Marsili-Civalleri, the only tip Paoletti supported by the trio Mello-Soragni-Lavarone.
From the first minutes the hosts take the proverbial game ball in their hands showing a fluid and ample maneuver that at the 11 'free to throw Mellano who hits the crossbar in full against Lugli. They spend a few moments and Basta, on the development of a corner kick, misses the door mirror a little with an imperious close up shot. The offensive thrust of the marchionis does not cease and at 18 'Lavarone touches the net with a powerful blow on the fly at the suggestion of Tosetto which ends just wide. Reggiana struggles to react and again the crossbar saves the girls of Mr. D'Astolfo: once again Mellano is the author of the powerful but unfortunate conclusion. The Musiello Saluzzo entertains the approximately one hundred people present in the stands and at the 21 'it still goes very close to scoring with a nice combination between Lavarone and Tosetto, the latter is good at putting the center back to the onrushing Soragni, whose head almost touches the post . The goal net is in the air and deservedly arrives at the 29 ': Basta's free-kick and Soragni's early header that leaves the innocent Lugli stunned. The girls of coach Panigari play well, continuing unabated in their offensive action, repeatedly touching the doubling with Marsili and Paoletti who miss the goal mirror. Shortly before the break, the hosts find their second goal of the day with Tosetto receiving a millimetric suggestion from Marsili and precision beyond Lugli.
In the second half the pace drops noticeably, also because of the heat, but Musiello Saluzzo continues to make the game and at the 11 'there is also a set, again with Deborah Soragni who, well served by Civalleri, leans the Emilian goalkeeper into a lob . It is not the day, instead, for Mellano who after the two sleepers also finds before him an amazing response by Lugli on his close and sure ending conclusion. At the first offensive sortie, on the other hand, Reggiana found the net that reopened the race: it was Tardini who did everything, taking the ball in midfield, winning two contrasts with Graziotto and Drammis, and beating Malosti diagonally. The girls of Mr. Panigari do not break down and start to grind game devouring an incredible series of goals with Marsili that on three occasions enchants the grenade defense missing the door mirror blatantly. To close again and definitively the challenge, however, thinks Emanuela Bianco who fits perfectly on Mellano's corner leaving no way out for the guests. The final race is still the prerogative of the landlords who become dangerous with Mellano and Graziotto who from a good position kick to the side. Worth noting is the third consecutive presence for the young Chiara Beccaria who, having arrived from the Primavera a month ago, knew how to make herself available by carving out her own space.


MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Malosti, Drammis, Tosetto, Basta, Civalleri, Marsili (28'st Beccaria), Soragni, Mellano, Paoletti (34'st Tagliaferro), Lavarone (14'st Bianco), Graziotto. To disp: Triolo, Straffi. All: Panigari

REGGIANA: Lugli, Costantino, Maretti (6'st Halitjaha), Cocconi, Corradini (16'st Castagneti), Bursi, Orsi, Brignoli, Faragò (1'st Orlandini), Tardini, Imprezzabile. In disp: Trouchè, Prati, Galvani. All: D'Astolfo

MARKERS: 29'pt Soragni (MS), 44'pt Tosetto (MS), 11'st Soragni (MS), 16'st Tardini (R), 23'st Bianco (MS)
NOTES: Halitjaha warned

Source: Sports Editor

In the photograph: Deborah Soragni

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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