Sunday, November 17 2019
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Alessandria - Musiello Saluzzo

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Result: 1 - 2
Markers: Marinoni - ACF (author); Amandola - ACF; Lavarone - Musiello Saluzzo
During the first half the visiting team manages to keep the game in the Alexandrian half, finding however a solid and imperforable defensive unit. During one of the numerous raids, Musiello took the lead thanks to Marinoni's own goal, intervened in an attempt to remove the ball.
The reaction of the girls of Mr. Cantone is not long in coming: Capitan Amandola exploits a counter-attack and after having stopped well from outside the area, with a great shot to cross on the opposite pole he finds the tie.
At the end of the second half Zella with an excellent cross serves Schiavi who tries to head us, but the ball goes out a little from the mirror of the goal.
The second half starts from the draw, with both teams intending to earn the 3 points at stake.
At the 24 'the captain of the Musiello worries Minato arriving in a slip, but the ball rolls outside the post.
At the 25 'Zella takes a free-kick from a good position, the ball goes out of the door mirror.
At the 33 'Zella from the edge of the penalty area serves Barbesino who throws the ball just over the crossbar.
At the 38 'Lavarone forces Minato to the side dive, but the ball goes behind the shoulders of the Alexandrian goalkeeper, giving Musiello the lead.
The Grisons continue to fight until the 47 'when after a beat and replies in the area Schiavi manages to aim the door finding Triolo ready.
The game ends with the result of 1 to 2.
Mr. Cantone admits that: "Musiello Saluzzo is definitely a strong opponent, but given the 90 minutes on the pitch, the ACF today deserved a draw. The last two Sundays we played with two ladies teams, the Grigionere girls gave their best on both occasions, managing to manage the matches with the two teams competing for third place in the standings. Honor to my team, which once again showed that staying in Serie B is not just a mathematical question, but especially about merit, commitment and sacrifice ".

ACF Alessandria
Minato, Capra, Slaves, Devecchi (Violin 42 'st), Marigonda, Marinoni, Zecchino (Amato 36' st), Zella, Bergaglia (Luison 30 'st), Amandola, Barbesino
To disp: Lazzaroni, Garavelli
Coach: Canton

SC Musiello Saluzzo
Triolo, Tosetto, Straffi, Soragni, Mellano, Paoletti, Lavarone, Graziotto, Drammis, Marsili, Civalleri
To disp: Malosti, Beccaria, Bianco, Tagliaferro
Coach: Panigari

Race director: Beretta of Monza
Assistants: Iennarelli and Zouine of Turin

Simona Borelli



Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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