Sunday, 20 October 2019
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Derby are not played, they win

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This could be the right title for the match played yesterday by the Bianche against Alessandria, because the Spa apart from the first quarter of an hour, play a messy game with few ideas but above all without that competitive charge that has distinguished them until today.
Let's go back to the match, we play at the Comunale "Ottolenghi" in front of a good public frame, the Bianche in orange and the mandrogne in gray suit.
At the beginning whistle the Bianche immediately touch the marking at least on a couple of occasions with Arroyo and Montecucco.
At the sixth minute Acqui in goal with Arroyo that in solitary action deposits on the net.
From this moment on the Bianche lose ground and fail to contain the opposing initiatives that occur several times near the penalty area, inevitably the 24 ° comes the draw on combined action between Zella and Zecchino with the latter that makes start a shot from outside the area that is bagged behind Ottonello. At the 27 ° Rigolino thinks to bring forward the Bianche with a shot from outside the area rejected by the host defense.
You go to rest on the 2 to 1 for the Spa.
The second fraction sees the Alexandria in search of peers and disordered and confusing Thermals that only care to defend the result by granting field to guest raids with Barbesino, Zella and Amandola close to the goal of a draw that in our humble opinion would have widely deserved.
The race closes on 2 1 in favor of the White, in the comments Mister Fossati declares: "Today I saw a team that always came late on every ball, little desire to sacrifice with a race more, we honestly did not deserve to win, I do the compliments to the Gray, a young team that plays with personality, compared to the first leg I found a different opponent, Mister Cantone did a great job.

Acqui Academy: Ottonello, Lardo, Di Stefano, Mensi, Rigolino, Gallo, Montecucco, Ravera (Bagnasco 1 'st), Pisano, Arroyo (Cadar 29' st), Russo (Rossi 39 'st). Available: Cazzato, Tascheri, Licciardo. Coach: Fossati

ACF Alessandria: Minato, Capra, Lazzaroni, Devecchi (Luison 29 'st), Marigonda, Marinoni, Zella, Zecchino (Slaves 39' st), Bergaglia (Garavelli 31 'st), Amandola, Barbesino. Available: Giribaldi, Porcella, Violino, Marenco. Coach: Canton

Markers: Arroyo (6 'pt), Zecchino (24' pt), Rigolino (26 'st)
Ammonite: Barbesin (11 'st), Luison (33' st), Mensi (35 'st) Russian (38' st)

Accademia Acqui press office

In the photograph: Erica Ottonello

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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