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Accademia Acqui - Alessandria

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Academy Acqui - ACF Alessandria 2 - 1

The eighth day offers the Alexandrian derby on the Ottolenghi field of Acqui Terme.
This time we start from the end, that is from the words of Mr. Cantone at the end of the game: “I am demoralized, because the girls deserved at least the draw, they have built a lot with precise and productive choral plays. After the first 10 minutes during which they were braked and then the Acqui pressed in our half of the field, there was a gear change and with a very good test of character and excellent technique they managed to worry the spa numerous times, in addition to being able to contain them with an excellent defense department. I have to be honest: on two occasions I got the "big man": at the 44 'of the second half when Amandola in two close moves forced the extraordinary Ottonello and the 48' when a ball kicked by Amandola crossed the whole mirror, displacing Ottonello, and Garavelli tried to slip him inside. Excellent goal from Zecchino that goes up to 2 goals scored in the Serie B championship. I have to congratulate all my girls for the excellent minutes of good football 90 they gave me and that today honored the public, which was also numerous and sharer! "

Below is the report of the match.
Primo Tempo
At 1 'Arroyo gets rid of the marking and looks for the goal, but the ball ends high.
At the 2 'Rigolino kicks a central ball and Minato intervenes.
At 6 'Arroyo intervenes on the exit of Minato, steals the ball and brings the result on the 1 to 0.
At the 7 'Montecucco tries to double with a central shot and Minato saves in two times.
At 9 'Arroyo tries a double with a header, the ACF goalkeeper grabs the ball.
At the 15 'the ACF has the flicker needed to change the balance in the field with a nice exchange between Amandola and Zella and the latter serving a good ball to Barbesino, the shot ends out a little.
At the 20 'Zella from mid-field kicks a powerful punishment finding Zecchino well positioned that impacts his head but finding the Bianche goalkeeper ready.
At 24 'Zecchino draws, after being served by Zella, positions the ball and bags the ball under the crossbar behind Ottonello.
At the 26 'Rigolino answers with a lob under the crossbar impossible for Minato, bringing the result on the 2 to 1.
At the 36 'Capitan Amandola, despite the tight marking of Russo, arrives in the area carrying the ball and chain, but the ball is intercepted by the goalkeeper.

Second half
At 4 'Barbesino tries with a soft shot at the second post and finds Ottonello ready.
At the 12 'Zella tries from long range, but the ball ends outside.
At the 15 'Montecucco from the flag looks for the mandrogna door, but with a header Marigonda away the ball.
At the 23 'Captain Amandola serves back for Zecchino who tries the cross, but the ball is saved.
At the 27 'in the Alexandrian port area a nice duel takes place between Capitan Di Stefano and Devecchi, won by the latter.
At the 30 'Montecucco from the corner serves Bagnasco who kicks off.
At the 38 'Zella executes a free-kick on the edge of the area and hits the crossbar.
At the 42 'Montecucco aims the seven to the right of Minato, but the Alexandrian goalkeeper fucks the ball out.
At 44 'Amandola after missing all the opponents is face to face with the goalkeeper who has since moved away from the goalposts, the ball kicked by the Alexandrian Captain bounces on Ottonello's body, on the development of the action at 45' Amandola forces the dive the goalkeeper who replies.
At the 47 'Mensi from the distance kicks a powerful but high ball.
At the 48 'Amandola with a low shot diagonally clear Ottonello meanwhile the ball crosses the entire mirror of the goal and goes beyond the line of the opposite pole, Garavelli arrives in a slip in the extreme attempt to grab the draw, but the ball rolls out of the door.

Markers: Arroyo (6 'pt), Zecchino (24' pt), Rigolino (26 'st)
Notes: Ammonite: Barbesino (11 'st), Luison (33' st), Mensi (35 'st) Russian (38' st)

Acqui Academy: Ottonello, Lardo, Di Stefano, Mensi, Rigolino, Gallo, Montecucco, Ravera (Bagnasco 1 'st), Pisano, Arroyo (Cadar 29' st), Russo (Rossi 39 'st)
Available: Cazzato Tascheri, Licciardo. Coach: Ditches

ACF Alessandria: Minato, Capra, Lazzaroni, Devecchi (Luison 29 'st), Marigonda, Marinoni, Zella, Zecchino (Slaves 39' st), Bergaglia (Garavelli 31 'st), Amandola, Barbesino. Available: Giribaldi, Porcella, Violino, Marenco. Coach: Canton

Race director: Bracconi di Brescia
Assistants: Trussi of Alexandria; Amisano of Casale

Simona Borelli




Enrico Manassero
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