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Alessandria - Castelvecchio

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At the "former Casermette" camp the highlight of the day was the Serie B Championship game played in the afternoon, but Sunday's program included a friendly match between ACF and Castelvecchio's Under 14 teams in the morning. The young footballers of Savigliano sul Rubicone, on the award trip, have also made a stop in Alessandria joining the profit to pleasure: in the morning friendly with the beginners grigioniere and in the afternoon in the stands to cheer for their First Team.
The public, thanks to the presence of youth teams, is the one of great occasions and has supported their girls loudly, always with a view to fairness and fair play.
The match started with an award ceremony, in fact immediately before the kick-off the ACF wanted to celebrate two of its players who recently graduated: Lazzaroni Elisa and Zella Eugenia who were given two congratulatory plaques.
Let's move on to the chronicle of the match.
First half
At the 3 'Captain Amandola manages to keep the ball despite the doubling of the mark and the limit of the flag is needed with a crossbar Barbesino that turns on the fly finding Pacini ready to intercept.
At 11 'Zecchino has a good ball and tries at the near post, Pacini intervenes.
AL 14 'is the turn of Lazzaroni that hooks a ball in the area, but Pacini grabs.
At 28 'Nagni, after a series of exchanges in front, kicks a powerful ball that ends off the Minato network.
At the 34 'Vicini, practically from the corner, try the crossbar and the ball ends outside the door's mirror.
At the 35 'Barbesino worries Pacini with a nice low shot, but the extreme defender is alert and the result does not change.
At 44 'Zecchino tries the lob by finding Pacini reactive.
The first half ends on 0 in 0
Second half
At the 13 'Amandola serves Zecchino who throws the ball into the door forcing Pacini to intervene with his fists.
At the 16 'the Race Director dampens the enthusiasm of the fans of Castelvecchio in fact whistles an offside immediately before the ball inflates the network of Minato.
The game begins to take place mainly in the half field of the Grisonsere and 19 ', after a series of exchanges also a bit' convulsive, the Castelvecchio hits a pole.
At 25 'Lisi from a secluded position with a minato mute cross and takes the Castelvecchio ahead.
At the 33 'Venturelli aims at the lower right corner, Minato grabs the ball.
At 36 'Zella breaks down and looks for a draw, but the ball ends to the side.
At 45 'Zella gains a free kick from the edge of the area and takes charge of the execution: the shot is central and Pacini para without difficulty.
Mister Cantone admits that the three consecutive ACF victories bode well, even though they knew that the first leg match ended with a sweaty draw.
"Today the Castelvecchio deserved the victory, they took to the field with greater determination. The ACF appeared on some occasions fearful: after a fairly balanced first half, in the second half of the game the Grisonsere left themselves too much to crush in their own half of the field and had to contain the opposing raids. "

Markers: Lisi (25 'st)
Notes: Ammonite Capra (31 'pt); Nabi (44 'st)

ACF Alessandria: Minato, Capra, Lazzaroni, Marigonda, Marinoni, Slaves, Zella, Zecchino (Bergaglia 23 'st), Violin (Luison 23' st), Amandola, Barbesino.
Available: Giribaldi, Garavelli, Devecchi, Porcella, Marenco. Coach: Canton

ASD Castelvecchio: Pacini, Amaduzzi M., Amaduzzi A., Guiducci, Nagni, Carlini, Vicini (Casali 7 'st), Cappelli (Beleffi 22' st), Lisi, Venturelli, Guidi (Fiorenza 35 'st).
Available: Amadori, Pracucci. Coach: Varchetta

Race director: Nicola Bartolomeo Costa di Chiavari
Assistants: Lorenzo De Giulio and Luca Cinato di Nichelino

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Enrico Manassero
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