Sunday, November 17 2019
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Reggiana - Alessandria

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The ACF deservedly earns 3 points on the field of Bibbiano, managing to set up and manage the game, without ever being squashed in their own half by the landlords.

At 26 'Zecchino tries a shot, but the ball is out of the box.
At 35 'Zella shoots a punishment powerful and precise, serving Amandola that bags on the net, but the Director of the race whistles the offside.
The first half ends in inviolate net.
In the second half the Reggiana, in an attempt to change the fate of the game, varies the pattern and plays in 3 forward, unbalancing and leaving more space to the Alexandrians.
At 18 'Captain Amandola unlocks the result by bringing it to 0 on 1.

First half
The initial phase of the game is of study, up to 26 'when Zecchino exploiting a good action tries the conclusion, but the ball is out of the door mirror.
At 35 'Zella is responsible for kicking a free-kick, the shot is powerful and accurate and serves Amandola who bags in the opponent's net, but the Director of the race whistles the offside.
At 44 'Tardini commits Minato who saves the door.
Teams fall into the locker room on 0 result to 0.

Second half
At the 5 'Faragò aims at the gray door, finding Minato ready.
At the 10 'Orlandini head tries to worry Minato, who easily rejects.
At 18 'Captain Amandola unlocks the result in favor of the ACF.
At 46 'Orlandini is in a great position and, practically from the spot, he hooks the ball by turning it well, but throwing it out.
AT 48 'Marigonda carries out a miraculous rescue on the goal line, guaranteeing the favorable result to Mister Cantone's team.

The coach and the staff are satisfied: the 3 points, obtained with merit, lengthen the distance from the lower area of ​​the standings. The choral performance was excellent, in fact all the departments have proved compact and motivated, as well as having demonstrated technical and tenacity.
In midfield excellent performance of Barbesino who had to make up for the absence of Devecchi due to injury.
Positive note the final recovery of Garavelli who played the last 10 minutes of the game, proving to have filed the injury with good play and precise touches.

Female Reggiana: Lugli, Costantino, Prati, Poluzzi, Corradini, Castagneti, Orsi (Impeccable 20 'st), Brignoli, Orlandini, Tardini, Faragò (Halitjaha, 11' st). Available: Trouchè, Virgili, Bursi, Maretti, Cocconi. Coach: D'Astolfo

Alessandria Women's Football Association: Minato, Schiavi, Marigonda, Lazzaroni, Capra, Marinoni, Zecchino (Luison 32 'st), Zella, Bergaglia (Garavelli 38' st), Amandola, Barbesino. Available: Violin, Devecchi, Porcella. Coach: Canton

Markers: Amandola (18 'st)
Race director: Baschieri di Lucca;
Assistants: Manzo and Piro di Parma.

Simona Borelli press officer Acf Alessandria


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