Sunday, 19 January 2020
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Cama solves a balanced derby

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It is said that to win a game you need a goalkeeper who gives everything and a striker who scores almost impossible goals. Nothing more than this statement reflects the Serie B derby between

Musiello Saluzzo and Cuneo won by the red and white for 0-1 after a race pulled and opened until the final whistle.
In the end, the usual Alice Cama takes care of the match, taken from the demoted Como last year and that in the cadet series is proving to be an absolutely lethal weapon, having reached twenty centers. For its part, Musiello Saluzzo can complain about unused opportunities, especially in the first half.
The first portion of the game, in fact, is completely commanded by the landlords who are already close to the net at 11 'when Basta stands on the corner of Mellano calling Russo at the parade. On the opposite side of the field the Cuneo tries with Papaleo who shoots from the comfort of the stars. The girls of Mr. Panigari control the operations while the guests rely on the rapid reversals in front of the duo Cama-Papaleo, well controlled by the local rearguard. Shortly after the half hour the occasions for Musiello Saluzzo begin to flood. The 33 'ends, in fact, and Soragni skips the direct opponent on the left and puts in the center finding the touch of Greppi's hand. The Saluzzo protests are in vain and the race director only indicates the corner kick flag. From the flag the combination between Soragni and Mellano leads the latter to the conclusion where Russo exceeds himself in diving, the action continues and the goalkeeper ex Alba is still sacrificed on the attempt to tap in signed by Captain Paoletti. The Cuneo backs the center of gravity and the landlords are still dangerous with Bianco, a low shot from the edge, and Soragni who shoots just wide from Tosetto's suggestion from the left.
The recovery starts with a milder pace and the guests immediately take advantage of it by practically scoring on the first shot in the goalpost. At the 9 ', in fact, Cama appropriates a loose ball at the edge of the area and first intentionally shoots a dart that slips under the crossbar where Malosti cannot reach. The network of the advantage wakes up the Cuneo and stuns the landlords who, however, pour forward with pride in search of a draw. At the 19 'Russo is still not surprised by the close conclusion of Anselmo on Mellano's corner. Mister Petruzzelli inserts Cobelli for an extinguished Spanu and just the new entry is immediately dangerous with a header on a cross by Moscia that does not frame the door mirror. Musiello Saluzzo tries to straighten out the match, leaving plenty of space on the counterattack. At the 27 'Mascarello brushes on a free kick for Papaleo, well stationed on the second post, whose header hits the crossbar. Minutes pass and it is Mascarello who makes himself dangerous with a bolide from the limit on which Malosti flies deviating in a corner. Nervousness rises in the last few minutes and at the expense is the Cuneo attacker Papaleo who remains on the ground after a conflict and is expelled for vibrant protests to the assistant. The last occasion still happens to Musiello Saluzzo with Soragni who comes face to face with Russo but diagonally fails to hit the mark. After three minutes of recovery, the final whistle of the referee confirms the end of the hostilities with the Cuneo that is getting closer and closer to the Serie A and the Musiello Saluzzo that will have to watch now from Acqui and Castelvecchio in the fight for third place.


MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Malosti, Graziotto, Tosetto, Anselmo, Basta, Civalleri, Soragni, Mellano, Paoletti (27'st Marsili), Lavarone, Bianco. In disp: Triolo, Straffi, Beccaria, Tagliaferro, Giacosa. All: Panigari

WEDGE: Russo, Armitano, Rosso, Franco, Greppi, Errico, Moscia, Mascarello, Papaleo, Cama, Spanu (20'st Cobelli). In disp: Olivetti, Pittavino, Joly, Daniele, Cerato, Genovese. All: Petruzzelli

MARKERS: 9'st Cama (C)
NOTES: ammonite Civalleri, Russo. Expelled from the 40'st Papaleo for protests

Source: Sports Editor

Photographs of AW

011Graziotto Mascarello

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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