Monday, 17th October 2016
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Unrecognizable Musiello Saluzzo, the Lagaccio Friendship imposes itself 2-1

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0234Template and Lavarone

Perhaps the worst Musiello Saluzzo of the last two years returns with a heavy defeat from the Ligurian away match against the Lagaccio Friendship. A heavy ko not from the point of view of the score but especially from the point of view of the game and the character, seemed in deficit in this maritime weekend.
Yet the race on the field 'Ceravolo' started with the best wishes for the girls of coach Roberto Panigari, replaced on the bench by Geninatti Chiolero, who from the first minutes took offense in search of the advantage. Mellano tries on two occasions from the edge, finding on his way two excellent answers from Ferrari. The response of the landlord passes from the feet of the always excellent Caterina Bargi who is released in the penalty area calling Triolo to the rejected. The danger escaped the Musiello Saluzzo raises the center of gravity with White that pulls a missile from the limit on which Ferrari stretches in a corner deviation.
The Friendship Lagaccio fails to express his maneuver and at 37 'is likely to capitulate: Lavarone sees the home goalkeeper out of the poles and tries to beat it in lob, the ball deflected with a shot of the back of the extreme defender on the crossbar back in the field and Tagliaferro with an empty net, he strikes the pole. The festival of wood for the guests continues at 45 'and to center the riser is still Lavarone with a diagonal from the edge. It is the prelude to the deserved advantage of the Saluzzesi who arrives in full recovery with Enrica Paoletti, who deposits a vacant ball on the net of a corner of Mellano.
The green-and-whites race ends, in fact, here. From the changing rooms, in fact, only the Genoese returned to the field, which proved to be much more convinced than Civalleri and his companions. The draw, in fact, comes just 120 '' after the whistle of the start of the recovery with a combination in speed between Bargi and Nietante that allows the home to easily beat Triolo. The reaction of the Saluzzesi is practically non-existent and it is still the Friendship Lagaccio to go to sign with the good Bargi that collects on the counterattack the suggestion of Fish leaving the innocent Triolo stunned.
Paoletti encouraged the companions without success and the unique emotions of the guest brand in the final lead the signatures of Lavarone and Marsili that from the distance do not frame the mirror of the door. The Lagaccio Friendship deservedly won the three points while for the Musiello Saluzzo comes this providential Easter break, useful for reorganizing the ideas after the last two consecutive defeats.


FRIENDSHIP FRIENDSHIP: Ferrari, Piombo, Ghidetti (16'st Brucci), Bonissone, Lo Sordo, Baghino, Nietante, Merler, Bargi, Del Francia (29'st Boggero), Fish. A disp: Chiarion, Franceschi, Cereseto, Gandini, Toomey. All: Naples

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Drammis (37'st Basta), White (45'pt Marsili), Anselmo, Straffi, Civalleri, Tagliaferro (15'st Tosetto), Mellano, Paoletti, Lavarone, Graziotto. A disp: Malosti. All: Geninatti Chiolero

MARKERS: 46'pt Paoletti (MS), 2'st Nietante (AL), 23'st Bargi (AL)
NOTES: ammonite Graziotto and Boggero

Source: Sports Editor

In the photograph: Simona Tagliaferro and Vanessa Lavarone

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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