Monday, 17th October 2016
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Press release by Musiello Saluzzo

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The SC Musiello Saluzzo Women's Soccer, at the end of the competition against Castelfranco, intends to express its disappointment for the behavior of Mr. Senthuran Lingamoorthy of the Genoa section.

This, however, should not be seen as a mere attack on the refereeing class due to errors, albeit gross, committed during the ninety minutes of play.
What we find really embarrassing are the stories of our girls after the final triple whistle.
A real and constant attack of Mr. Senthuran Lingamoorthy towards the team, especially towards our captain Enrica Paoletti, who for the entire duration of the meeting has immediately teased and heavy words on a personal level.
The sentences reported by our girls are serious and certainly discriminative towards all football players.
Here are some of them:

- "But how about ** or games? Are not you ashamed?"
- "Are you already tired? You can not even run! "
- "Make you laugh and you're the captain too"
- "But how about ** or do they play these?"
- "But do not you see how you play?"
- "Benedictine! Benedictine "
- "Oh but ste women, what balls!"
These are phrases, heard by many other players, who comment on themselves without the need for further words.
We, society, are truly stunned by the behavior of this person, who, we care to remember, is paid by us and should in the utmost seriousness only arbitrate without damaging the role he plays.
With this press release, we ask that our players and all football players be recognized as deserving of respect for the commitment, which they give weekly to this sport.
It is regrettable, in fact, that in the 2016 we must witness these scenes, which have little to do with sport.
We hope that action will be taken against this poor character, who has shown he can not be in the sports world, not for technical incapacity (despite the clamorous mistakes), but for lack of basic ideals, which must live in the soul of every sportsman.

The President Piera Delgrosso "

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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