Friday, November 15 2019
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Cuneo Poker all'Aandandria

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004Magnarini Amandola


After Saturday's victory of the Primavera team of Cuneo Women's Football for 7-1 against Alessandria, the first team of Serie B repeats the next day with a nice poker that fully redeems the unsuspecting goals of the first leg and punishes a 'Alessandria landed in Cuneo with the firm intention to defend itself.
Petruzzelli recovered only in part Mascarello, the under 19 in fact at the 25 'must abandon the field for the recurrence of pain in the ribs, in his place takes over Cobelli who, as last Sunday, leaves the seal again to the match.
First twenty minutes of study, the red and white begin to grind the game, but the guests keep a good watch and are shown forward with the usual Amandola.
Errico thinks to unlock the result at the 26 'with a left-hand fireball, from the edge of the area, on which nothing can do Minato.
Spend a minute and the Cuneo doubles with a valuable action of first between Moscia and Cama, finalized by the cuneese bomber (2-0).
The Alexandria accuses the blow, the team of Barbesino, on the bench in place of the influenced Canton, struggling terribly to contain the raids of the landlords, in evidence with Papaleo and Magnarini, the latter head high, on the corner kicked from Errico.
The recovery opens immediately with the Cobelli network that is found to try under the door and with a close shot makes Minato dry.
The Cuneo does not give practically anything to the gray and continues to attack.
Negative note to the 56 'for the exit of scene of captain Magnarini, forced to abandon the playing field for a blow to the knee. Petruzzelli then redraws the defense with Armitano and Central Greppi, supported by Rosso and the new entry Pittavino.
At the 62 ', on the umpteenth ride of Moscia, comes the number four goal that brings the signature of Cama again, good to be ready for the winning deviation.
Standing ovation for the biancorossa bomber that gives way to Spanu, the former San Bernardo Luserna is beginning to find the amalgam with his companions and right from his feet the assist for Papaleo who fails the 5-0 (80 ') .
In the final of time, there is still an incursion of Bergaglia ended to the side and then comes the triple final whistle that enshrines a well deserved success for the team of Petruzzelli, always in the standings by Castelfranco, victorious at home against Castelvecchio, next opponent of the Cuneo area, in fifteen days.
Free the championship for the commitment of the national team, Saturday at Grugliasco at 14,30 Cuneo will be busy in the Italian Cup against Luserna. On this occasion the Cuneo will carry out a large turnover in all departments: Armitano (disqualified) and probably Magnarini and Mascarello will probably not be left behind after the recent injuries. The intention is to honor the Italian Cup but the main objective remains only the championship.

Cuneo Women's Soccer: Russo, Rosso, Armitano, Franco, Greppi, Errico (75 'Pittavino), Moscia, Magnarini (56'Pittavino), Papaleo, Cama (63' Spanu), Mascarello (25 'Cobelli). Available: Ozimo, Daniele, Cerato, Genovese. Coach: Gian Luca Petruzzelli

Alexandria: Minato, Marigonda, Capra (84 'Violin), De Vecchi, Lazzaroni, Marinoni, Zecchino (84'Casazza), Zella, Bergaglia (69' Schiavi), Amandola, Barbesino. Available: Giribaldi, Marengo, Schillaci, Amorin. Coach: Luca Barbesino

Cuneo Women's Press Office

In the photo above: Magnarini and Amandola in action
In the photo below: Angelica Armitano


Enrico Manassero
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