Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Lavarone and Marsili give gas to Saluzzo, Turin ko 2-1

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Wins also without shining particularly the Musiello Saluzzo of Mr. Roberto Panigari who licks his wounds after the defeat with the Acqui and incamera three precious points in the internal match against Turin. In spite of the final score the race could never be said to be in the balance, with the landlords who have wasted countless number of goals as they can also complain about some dubious decisions of the race director.
The first minutes of the game are in-depth study for the Saluzzesi who leave the initiative to the grenade, dangerous with Levis on two occasions with Malosti good to deflect in the corner both conclusions. Clockwork passes and Musiello Saluzzo considerably raises the center of gravity coming in eight occasions stopped by the assistant in offside position. At the 22 'doubtful episode in the penalty area host: Paoletti receives the ball from the right and is put down by Vallotto, the referee continues. Not even the time to finish the first trance of protests that Paoletti is still mowed at the edge of the penalty area but also in this case the race director can continue. The Turin is locked up in the defensive phase and at 27 'only a miracle of Mognol denies the joy of the network in Lavarone author of a fireball from the distance deviated in the corner. Concentrated to attack the saluzzesi concede the counter-attack to the guests who touch the 37 'advantage with Tamburini closed to the last by the excellent Malosti. The raids of the landlords are gradually becoming more frequent and at the 43 'arrives the deserved advantage by Lavarone that circumvents the rear guard guest, puts Mognol and settles on the net.
The recovery begins on the false line of the first half and, after a resounding error by Tosetto on the counterattack, comes the doubling of Marsili who drinks the entire rearguard grenade by beating the host defender. The race seems in mothballs with the landlord of the camp and guests who try with some isolated offensive sorties like the diagonal of Barberis that ends at the bottom. The Office of Simple Business Complications of Musiello Saluzzo, however, also works in San Valentino and 40 'Straffi extends in the penalty area Ponzio: there is no doubt for the race director. Penalty. Pontius himself appears from the spot and he is not mistaken. The last minutes of the game pass, however, without worries of mind for the Saluzzesi who bring home the three points keeping firm third place.


MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Malosti, Drammis, Basta, Anselmo, Giacosa, Straffi, Lavarone, Tosetto, Paoletti (25'st Tagliaferro), Marsili (45'st Soragni), Graziotto. A disp: Triolo, Bianco, Civalleri, Mellano. All: Panigari

TURIN: Mognol, Nigro, Aghem, Ambrosi, Nicco (37'T Di Piero), Vallotto, Tamburini (10'st Malara), Barberis, Pontius, Levis, Rinero. All: Ferraro

MARKERS: 43'pt Lavarone (MS), 5'st Marsili (MS), 40'st rig. Ponzio (T)
NOTES: ammonite Malosti, Basta, Aghem

Source: Sports Editor

In the photograph: Simona Tagliaferro and Vanessa Lavarone

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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