Friday, 15 May 2015
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Cuneo - Molassana

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Still a convincing proof for the Cuneo Calcio Femminile victorious at home against the Genoese of Molassana Boero. An 4-0 that does not make a wrinkle and goes to fully legitimize the domination of Gian Luca Petruzzelli's training throughout the whole meeting.
Prudentially at rest, the Mascarello “jewel” for a blow to the rib on the national team, the Cuneo coach inserts Cobelli, author of the advantage network, from the first minute.
On the front Molassana Boero, absent the former Palombini, present instead Librandi, while Coppolino sits on the bench.
The hostesses start strong, in evidence with Cama and Cerato and with Moscia who at the 20 ', on Armitano's cue, flies on the wing and, face to face with Bandini, the conclusion is deflected for a corner.
And 'the prelude to the goal: drumming action of Cuneo, short of the Ligurian defense, Cobelli is ready in the door and download the ball of the 1-0 (25').
The Molassana tries to make itself felt after the half hour with a shot from the distance of Tortarolo, finished a little to the side. We thus go to rest on the result of 1-0.
The second half started immediately with the Cuneo doubling: Cerato's corner stroke for Cama's head that exceeded Bandini and with this 13 ° seal the Cuneo 10 number reached Giorgia Filippi of Imolese in the ranking.
The 2-0 practically sends the guests to the mat, Petruzzelli inserts Papaleo for Cerato (58 ') and at the minute number 70, the newly acquired Spanu enters the field in place of Cobelli.
Magnarini and companions keep the situation under control by showing a perfect condition, but above all by showing off a good game. At half an hour, comes the third goal scored by the Cuneo captain, able to mock the opponent's goalkeeper with a cross shot.
The Cuneo does not give up and at the end of the regulation time the icing on the Papaleo cake arrives, good at getting rid of a defender and chilling Bandini (4-0).
Still a home appointment for the Cuneo players who will play against Alexandria next Sunday, a first-leg black beast, coming from a home defeat against the pursuer, Castelfranco.

Cuneo Women's Soccer: Russo, Rosso, Armitano, Franco, Greppi, Errico (75 'Pittavino), Moscia, Magnarini, Cerato (58' Papaleo), Cama, Cobelli (70 'Spanu). Available: Olivetti, Daniele, Genovese. Coach: Gian Luca Petruzzelli.

Molassana Boero: Bandini, Monti, Pugnaghi (59 'Germani), De Agostani, Librandi, Belloni, De Blasio, Zoppi, Tortarolo (70' Calcagno), Oliviero, Traverso (56 'Ponzanelli). Available: Bacigalupo, Coppolino, Carbone. Coach: Berlinghieri.

Cuneo Women's Press Office

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Enrico Manassero
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