Monday, 17th October 2016
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Musiello Saluzzo strength six and Bologna to the carpet

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Cotechini, lentils and sparkling wine are digested, as is the panettone with all the candied fruit: the Musiello Saluzzo starts with a large 2-6 field of Bologna and strengthens the third position in the standings behind the two hares Castelfranco and Cuneo.
Mister Roberto Panigari saves players not as well as Soragni and Bianco by inserting Marsili and Giacosa into the fray from the first minute. For the rest is the usual eleven with Malosti between the poles, in defense Graziotto, Anselmo, Basta and Tosetto, just Giacosa and Civalleri in front of the defensive package, Paoletti only tip ready to shoot on the suggestions of Mellano, Marsili and Lavarone.
Ready and immediately the Saluzzo to take the lead: Anselmo perfectly beats a free kick from the trocar and Mellano does not miss the opportunity greedy anticipating the direct opponent and depositing on the net. Paoletti and companions command the maneuvers and go close to doubling a few minutes later with Lavarone that well prompted by Marsili sends to the side a little. The second center of Saluzzo is not long, however, to arrive: the 15 'shell when Enough from his own trocar sees in depth Tosetto calibrating a slash that comes precise on the feet of the Piedmontese outside that controls and beats De Ronzo. The girls of Mr. Panigari enjoy the many fans who arrived in Emilia from Saluzzo and the 25 'also sign the trio: magnificent personal action of Graziotto, Paoletti's veil and ball between the feet of Marsili who dribbles the direct opponent in a handkerchief and stamps the proverbial card. Bologna is struggling to react and at the 40 'also comes the poker signed by Mellano that collects a filter of Civalleri and precision leaves no way out to De Ronzo. On the end of the first half there could be glory also for captain Paoletti but the extreme defender of Bologna is rightly opposed to the conclusion of the peveragnese.
The recovery begins with a much more bland pace with the guests who administer and the slightly more daring landlords. However, it is still the Musiello Saluzzo with Lavarone who slingshot like a hawk on the service of Tagliaferro without leaving the possibility of a rebuttal to De Ronzo. The Saluzzesi rammed the oars by boat and leave more space to the Bolognese who take advantage of it immediately: long launch for Antonecchia that dribbles Malosti and marks for the momentary 1-5. The reinvigorated landlords are thrown forward in search of the second goal that comes on a penalty kick awarded by Straffi on Antonecchia: from the spot is presented the new entry that Cappelli realizes. From the Panigari bench is heard and the green and white begin to play again by finding the network of the definitive 2-6 still with Mellano that exploits the valuable assistance of Tagliaferro and closes the games.


BOLOGNA: De Ronzo, Pasquinelli, Fiorentini, Cimatti (32 'Hats), Cavalcoli S., Lenzi, Insinna, Cavalcoli, Donatone (14'st Carrafa), Vancini, Antonecchia. Available: Magrini, Carrafe, Medri. All: Poggi

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Malosti, Basta, Graziotto, Anselmo, Giacosa, Tosetto (14'st Drammis), Lavarone, Mellano, Paoletti (17'st Tagliaferro), Marsili, Civalleri (23'st Straffi). A disp: Triolo, Soragni, Bianco. All: Panigari

MARKERS: 3'pt Mellano (MS), 15'pt Tosetto (MS), 25'pt Marsili (MS), 40'pt Mellano (MS), 20'st Lavarone (MS), 25'st Antonecchia (B), 40'st rig. Hats (B), 43'st Mellano (MS)
NOTES: ammonite Civalleri and Cimatti

Source: Sports Editor

In the photograph: Teresa Basta

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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