Monday, January 20 2020
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Jesina Grifo Perugia
From tonight on the YouTube channel of Jesina the images of EDP Jesina-Grifo Perugia.
In the weekend of the biancorosse, good Primavera and Esordienti, defeated the Soccer at 5.

SERIES B - A generous Edp Jesina loses with the leader and the counter-member fails. In the big match valid for the fifth day of group B of Serie B the girls of Giugliano have disputed a generous test but in the context of a Cardinaletti stadium never so full, the Grifo Perugia has imposed for 2 to 1, sending the leoncelle to - 4 from the summit.
Balanced start, but at the 16 'comes the advantage of the Umbrian: launch from the rear for Marinelli who flies to Guidi and pierces with a low shot. The Jesina tries to react, but the opposing defense holds. At the 40 'doubling the Grifo Perugia: another launch, is piloted on the feet of Marinelli that with a cross-shot from the left sends the ball on the head of Ceccarelli, the latter crushes the head and puts the ball infondoal bag.
In the second half Jesina enters the field determined to recover. In the context of a high-agonistic match, the 15 'leoncelles remain in 10 (double admonition to Breccia). In spite of this, the Jesina's desire to come back remains alive and feeds with the border under the crossing of Battistoni that at 20 'is worth the 1 to 2. The tension is still growing, the referee struggles to manage the race and expels for no apparent reason is the technician Domenico Giugliano and the masseur Moreno Picchiò. In the remaining 25 'Jesina tries the forcing, thanks to the grafting of the Chain, just returned from an injury. But his verve is not enough to find the draw. It ends with the Grifo cheule and the Jesuit Edp recrimination, but among the applause of a large audience that has enjoyed the show. Next Sunday the championship rests, the leoncelles will return to play Sunday 13 to Cardinaletti against Ferrara.

EDP ​​JESINA: Guidi, Picchiò, Alunno, Scarponi (K), Lucarini (33 'Fiorella), Breccia, Monterubbiano, Battistoni, Chickens, Vagnini (71' Costantini), Moscow (60 'Catena). All. Giugliano (Available for Cantori, Barchiesi, Mari, Fabbretti).

VIDEO - Following the home games, on Tuesday evening (starting today) on the YouTube channel of EDP Jesina you will find the highlights and interviews of the match. Service managed by MMag Comunicazione, an agency appointed by the company as the new Head of Communication of the company. In the role of press officer and in particular of confirmed web and social responsible Emily Mosca. Here is the link to the video of this match:

SPRING - Finally the Primavera of the jesina returns to play at home, where it was now missing from too many Saturdays, giving a nice victory to the public rushed to the stadium.
Game enough pulled from the point of view of the result, but not from that of the game because the leoncelle prove to be superior and come to collect well 9 corner kicks against only one for the opposing team. Superiority that is realized only at the 38 'with Piergallini that never contradicted under the door and that even in this frigid afternoon finds the personal double at the 70'. The match closes at 85 'with the network of Chiara Brutti, who entered the second half ago a good performance under the watchful eyes of the coach.
The team of mister Brutti game after match is giving great demonstrations of growth, with the girls who take the field always with the right spirit and with a healthy hunger for victory to reach the next peak occupied momentarily by Bologna.

EDP ​​JESINA: Battistoni, Giannuzzi, Lucarini Marica, Guidolbaldi, Raipalo (70'Modesti), Ciccola, Bozzi (46 'Brutti), Piergallini (87' Matteucci), De Sanctis, Fontana (81 'Romano), Talacchia (67' Valenti ). All. Brutti (at the Ciccioli disposal).

EXORDIENTS - A very tonic Monserra puts in difficulty the Jesina girls who, without Matteucci, who are absent because of their influence, are struggling to build an action worthy of note. During and Brescini deployed as a couple of attack are struggling to enter the game and never fail to stem the quick reboots of opponents who go to sign with the side that with a left surprise Paccusse. Subsequently, they doubled their counterattacks and immediately afterwards Ida Durante reduced their disadvantage with a sidereal distance throw, putting everything under discussion. The Monserra plays better and above all more convincing, arriving first on every vacant ball and tripling the mark on our players who do not find the bandolo skein and even let themselves be pierced again with a fireball from the distance on which Paccusse appears insecure. The fourth goal of the hosts closed the first fraction.
In the second half a stubborn Alessandrini Lavinia in personal action leads the Jesina and Modesti took over an evanescent Brescini tries on several occasions to double the score. Then one-two of the Monserra that flips the result in its favor and is also saved by the cross on the border of Radicioni Silvia. In the third time "the little plague" Modesti plays the charge and at the same time the alarm clock for his companions who change their attitude by taking the local goalkeeper who has to surrender to an icy play of the same: stop right foot ball and flat left nell'angolino in a handkerchief that fixes the final on the 0-1 and his personal fifth goal in 6 games just behind Ida Durante with 8. Race from the two faces for the red and white girls who once again come out to the distance winning the third time for the fifth time in six games. Of course it is strange to see that the smaller ones (Coacci, Modesti, Alessandrini) support the others. Monserra excellent.

EDP ​​JESINA: Coacci, Durante, Modesti, Radicioni, Verdini, Brescini, Alessandrini, Paccusse, Domesi.

5 SOCCER - The Jesuit EDP falls 4 to 3 on the Olimpia Marzocca field. Once again, unfortunately, the 5 kick fails to bring home the three points in enemy territory, although for two it is in the lead. The first network of the match is in fact the girls of Mister Ferri and arrives at 21 'with the left-handed Barchiesi, which together with Fiorella both of the rose in the B series, goes to give a real hand to the classmates of different category because of the many absences . Absences that weigh, but that the girls replace the great one finding both the personal network. The red and white superiority lasts only 10 minutes when Benitez brings the teams back in a tie, but at the 35 'Bellagamba thinks to give back the' scepter 'of the advantage to the jesine ranks.
In the second half, however, the Olympia comes on and it is still Benitez to score this time a double that gives the advantage to the home team. At the 50 'then Landini further lengthens the distances bringing the result on 4 to 2. The Jesina does not give up and continues to attack finding this time the goal with Fiorella that reignites the hopes, but it is now too late and the referee three minutes later whistles the end of the match baptizing Olimpia Marzocca the winner of the match. Defeat that weighs, but in front of the very short standings you just have to work hard hoping for better results.
EDP ​​JESINA: Cantori, Marani, Barchiesi, Fiorella, Morelli, Liuti, Bellagamba, Stronati.

Matteo Magnarelli - MMag Communication

Walter Pettinati
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