Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Only one draw for Cuneo

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First draw in the league for Cuneo Calcio for Women, who despite attacking for 90 minutes failed to take the field of Alessandria. A field of play at the limits of the regulation, very narrow, which facilitated the landlords who closed well with a five-man defense, trying to break the game patterns of Cuneo and relying on Amandola as the only point. Apart from a couple of occasions for the landlord, he played at one door, with Cuneo's goalkeeper Federica Russo practically inactive and with the Cuneo poured into the Alexandrian metacampo. In the end 22 will be well the corner kicks in favor of the biancorosse (Sunday, however, in a black-green outfit with the new UBI Banca sweaters), about twenty shots on goal and a crossbar hit by Cama, but the stronghold of the Alexandria, which aimed at breaking the game, held up well, thus closing the match with a clean sheet.
Only a draw then for the team of Mr. Petruzzelli, who after the goleada in Genoa last week, must be satisfied with only one point. If you want to think about the past and see the "half-full" glass, even two seasons ago, the year of the championship victory and the promotion to Serie A, it was really the Alessandria Cantone one of the few teams to succeed in stop the wedge on the tie.
At the level of the standings Lagaccio of Genoa now stands at full score, while Cuneo and Castelfranco points to 7. But the championship has just begun and the Cuneo will have time to recover the summit.
Sunday 15 Coppa Italia home match against the Acqui (14,30 hours at the synthetic of Parco della Gioventù) while next week, the 22 November, the championship returns, always at home, against the Emilian women of Castelvecchio.

Acf Alessandria: Marinello, Porcella, Marigonda, Marinoni, Capra (23 'st Bergaglia), Zella, Luison (27' st Schiavi), De Vecchi, Barbesino, Amandola, Lazzaroni (35 'st Violino). Available: Placanica, Taglietti. All: Davide Cantone.

Cuneo Women's Soccer: Russo F., Rosso, Russo L., Franco (41 'st Papaleo), Greppi, Errico, Moscia (35' st Cobelli), Magnarini, Genovese (16 'st Cerato), Cama, Mascarello. To disp: Olivetti, Armitano, Pittavino. All: Gian Luca Petruzzelli.

Cuneo Women's Press Office

In the photo im high: Michela Franco in action

In the photo below: Federica Russo


Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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