Wednesday, May 27 2020
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Musiello Saluzzo - Acqui Academy

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Musiello Saluzzo - Acqui Academy 0-1
The first of the championship sees the Musiello Saluzzo and the newly promoted Acqui Academy opposite. The three points to be won after a long wait. The home side started quickly, but the Acqui defense held and the goalkeeper Cazzato was superb in some interventions.
At the minute 16 the game unlocks, ball recovered in metacampo receives Arrojo gets rid of two opponents and gives the ball to Montecucco that stops and starts a shot from the edge of the small area marking the goal net.
We go to rest on the result of a zero net in favor of the Acqui.
In the second portion of the game, Musiello Saluzzo tries in every way to reach a draw but the defense of the white holds. Ten minutes from the end, the referee decrees a penalty for the local, Paoletti pulls and Cazzato is exceeded and deflecting the ball in the corner.
The game ends after three minutes of recovery. In the end, the party that is celebrating is the Acqui that brings home three unexpected points.
Mr. Fossati declares: "I want to congratulate my girls, even today they put their heart into it, perhaps the fairest result was a draw, Saluzzo is a great team, I don't know how many will come to take away points from this field".

Acqui Academy: Cazzato, Cadar, Lardo, Gallo, Rigolino, Pisano, Di Stefano, Tascheri, Bagnasco, Arrojo, Montecucco. Available: Ottonello, Rossi, Mensi, Castellan, Bonelli, Casazza, Ravera. Fossati coach

Accademia Acqui press office

In the photograph: Simona Cazzato

Enrico Manassero
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