Tuesday, 18 February 2020
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Serie A news 2015-16

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resroma daje15

A race that is worth the Serie A, a race that is worth a whole season and perhaps much more: in the last match of the 2015 / 2016 championship, the Res Roma Move Up is played the stay in the top category against the Mozzanica, between the friendly walls of the "Raimondo Vianello", scene of many battles and many successes for the Giallorossi of Mr. Melillo.
Nineteen points in the standings for the Res Rome, the same as the Luserna, scene in Bari, which has points 16, and one more 'of Vittorio Veneto, which will close its league on the field of Tavagnacco: with South Tyrol and Riviera di Romagna already relegated, two teams will still have to say goodbye to the series at the end of the season and the plots are many.
The 4 teams could all finish on equal points, and in this case would retreat the Rome Res, would save the Bari and would make the playoff Vittorio Veneto and Luserna;

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tavagnacco parisi

Saturday 21 May at 15.30, Tavagnacco closes the season against Permac. The comment of the ds Glauco Di Benedetto
Last day for the women's soccer series A. The Upc Tavagnacco will be busy at home against Permac Vittorio Veneto (kick-off at the beginning of the 15.30, the match will be played by Franck Loci Nana Tchato of Aprilia). If the Friulians, now, have nothing more to ask this championship (they will close in fifth place in the standings, the same occupied last season), different is the situation of the Veneto, who arrive at the Comunale di Tolmezzo in search of saving points . Currently the Vittorio Veneto is fourth to 18 points (retreat in series B the last 4).

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szaccaria amanda tampieri
The USD San ​​Zaccaria company, which has always been committed to the defense of sports values, wishes to clarify the following.

In recent hours, the National Anti-Doping Court suspended the athlete of our company Amanda Tampieri after the latter was found positive at Colestebol Metabolita at a check of the last 30 April 2016, during the Serie A match between Mozzanica and San Zaccaria disputed in Bergamo.

In order to protect the image of the company and of the athlete itself, it is however clarified that:

1. The prohibited substance was taken through the Trofodermin, a generic drug used by the athlete for a simple and trivial knee abrasion in the days before the match. A drug that can be taken without a prescription and can be freely sold in any pharmacy.

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agsm verona 2015 2016

Saturday at 15,30 in via Sogare Agsm Verona and Fiorentina compete in the last championship that is worth the second place and qualification in Europe!
This Saturday 21 may be held at the beginning of 15,30 in the races of the last day of the Serie A championship with the big-match scheduled at Stadio Olivieri in via Sogare where Agsm Verona and Fiorentina face off in a real play-off for the second placed in the standings and the subsequent qualification for the next UEFA Women's Champions League.
With the title not yet mathematically assigned to Brescia (+ 3 on the purple team but Brescia on the field of the already relegated Riviera di Romagna) all the attentions are focused on Verona where the Della Valle Fiorentina, second with 49 points, faces the third scaligere at two lengths.



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