Thursday, 6th October 2016
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The San Bernardo Luserna does not pass with the Tavagnacco

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After the four points in the last two outings that meant the achievement of the last quintissimo place that is worth the salvation, the San Bernardo Luserna makes a bad tumble at home against Tavagnacco.
The turning point after 7 minutes when Brumana (Tavagnacco) all alone in the middle of the area deviates a cross from Parisi. Shortly after Clelland is unattainable the ball ends in Camporese: Stefania Favole saves on the line.
Try to react the San Bernardo with Annalisa Favole and D'Ancona with a too weak conclusion to worry the goalkeeper.
When you think of going to the locker room with the minimum gap and preparing a strategy for the recovery, Clelland pulls the rabbit out of the cylinder and from the bottom line puts in the middle where Zuliani arrives who has no problem in signing the 2-0.
The beginning of the recovery is the continuation of the first fraction with Clelland who heads incredibly out. At the 9''i test Moretti (SBL) from the distance to take the low angle to reopen the race but Penzo gets to corner.
From this moment the Saint Bernard tries to invent something but the ideas are few. The guests with quick restart create at least three occasions that you want for imprecision and for the interventions of the goalkeeper do not materialize.
Until the last 15 minutes when Clelland twice and the just substituted Sardinian are not hampered in front of the local goalkeeper and bring the final result on the 0-5.
Now after a break of three weeks on Saturday 16 April hard work at the home of the second Mozzanica in the standings. Race that will mark the beginning of the final sprint for the finish line for the permanence in the top flight.
In the evening, great success of the spring guest of Cit Turin. Race marked by Scarpelli's hat-trick in the first 15 minutes followed by the doubles of Aimetti and Tortia, once again Scarpelli and the highs of Campofiorito, Bonanno, Mancuso, Ippolito, Maggio and Maino.
The road to the national finals passes through two successes in the home match of the 3 April against the Musiello Saluzzo and on Saturday 9 on the insidious field of Alessandria.

SAN BERNARDO LUSERNA: Serafino; Favole S., Tudisco, Falbo, White, D'Ancona, Cantoro, Moretti, Di Lascio, A. Favole, Barbieri. Available: Asteggiano, Malatesta, Mazzucchetti, Pugliesi, Massarelli, Trapani, Felizia. Zorri coach

GRAPHISTUDIO TAVAGNACCO: Penzo, Martinelli, Pochero, Brumana, Parisi, Clelland, Camporese, Zuliani, Tuttino, Piai, Filippozzi. Available: Copetti, De Val, Blasoni, Frizza, Sardu, Dri.

Networks: Sardu, Clelland, (2), Zuliani, Bruma
REFEREE: Mr. Samoni of Pistoia (Lesi and Capritti of Ravenna).

San Bernardo Luserna press office

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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