Monday, May 11 2015
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San Bernardo Luserna - AGSM Verona

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Nothing to do for the San Bernardo Luserna that against the champions in charge of Verona falls into the 3-0 house. However good the performance of the girls trained by Tatiana Zorri in front of the large audience of Venaria, who after the 7-1 of the first in Serie A debut, manage to better manage the game and the greatest caliber of the opponents suffering the goal only around at half an hour. In the second half despite the technical gap the San Bernardo Luserna manages to manage the pressure by also being seen from parts of the opposing area keeping unchanged the result thanks to Chiara Serafino, able to save a penalty to Melania Gabbiadini at 10 '. But in the final, despite the changes, the girls of the house must succumb to the highest technical rate of the scaligere who pass twice again closing on the final 3-0.


SB LUSERNA (4-3-1-2): Serafino; Favole S., Bosi, Bianco (15 'st Moretti), Falbo; Puglisi, D'Ancona, A. Favole, Trapani (17 'st Cantoro), Massarelli; Barbers. All. Zorri.

AGSM VERONA (4-1-3-2): Harrison, Ledri, Carissimi, Di Criscio, Pirone, Gabbiadini, Fuselli, Laterza (40 'St Baldo), Squato, Salvai (42' st. Soffia), Belfanti (18 'St Ramera). All. Longega.

REFEREE: Simonini di Gallarate.
NETWORKS: pt 30 'Ledri; st 36 'Ramera, 38' Piron
NOTES: At the 10 'st Serafino gives a penalty to Gabbiadini. Ammonite Laterza, Gabbiadini, Fuselli, Favole S. Recovery 2 '+ 4'. Spectators about 300.

San Bernardo Luserna press office

Enrico Manassero
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