Sunday, 20 October 2019
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Another home defeat for the girls of Zorri who close the first leg with zero points at home.

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A draw would not have served, the imperative was to win, but to take home three heavy points are the girls of Pink Sport Bari, who despite the goal suffered in the cold, have managed to equalize and then finally reassemble the game by imposing with a dry and deserved 3-1. Many and too many regrets for the Lusernans, who have not been able to exploit the attitude and the goal in the opening of the race leaving too much room for opponents, good at punishing the landlords in, albeit obvious, rare defensive errors.
Immediately to open the scoring is a beautiful foray by Annalisa Favole, who stealing the ball in front of the opposing area manages to serve Barbieri on whose cross Morra anticipates all but putting behind his goalkeeper.
The goal at cold perhaps illudes a bit 'the girls at home that dangerously lower the center of gravity, leaving the initiative to the guests who at 14' also find the goal with a goal canceled for offside. But the inertia of the match is in favor of the Pugliese, who at the 24 'find a draw with Riboldi, very good at stealing the ball to a careless Bosi, rolling in the net alone beating the innocent Asteggiano.
The draw immediately wake up the minds of the Luserns who take courage and meters of the field, being revised by the parties with a right-barred strangled by Barbieri, while the guests worry Asteggiano, good to take refuge in the corner, with a punishment of Piro, while almost at the end of the time the central punishment from the 30 meters of Favole ends high.
The recovery seems to indicate a reaction in the girls of San Bernardo Luserna, who are seen from the parts of Di Bari with a nice conclusion of Cantoro rebound to the 9 ', which is answered by Privitera, caught on the offside, shooting high. The first fifteen minutes are a continuous reversal in front, and at the 14 'the Bari still shoot too high with Morra, which is answered by the right of Favole on which to dive into the extreme guest. But the joke is lurking, and at 36 ', on the umpteenth corner of the Bari brand (7-3 will be the final count for the red and white), Asteggiano manages to save in melee on the line, but nothing can on the tap in winning Soro that is worth overtaking. The goal turns off the ideas to the Luserna and makes fly on the wings of the enthusiasm Bari, which at 42 'definitively closes the contest with a nice action by Conte that leaves Bosi stone and puts under the seven the final 3-1.


SB LUSERNA (4-3-1-2): Asteggiano; Falbo, Bianco, Bosi, Malatesta; Puglisi (18 'st Tudisco), Cantoro, Di Lascio (16' st D'Ancona); Fables A .; Moretti, Barbieri. All. Zorri.

PINK ST BARI (4-1-3-2): From Bari; Quazzico, Morra, Soro, Dell'Ernia; Anaclerio; Prost, Piro (18 'st Ceci), Riboldi; Privitera (36 'st Strisciuglio), Count. All. Cardone.

REFEREE: Nicolini di Brescia

NETWORKS: 1 'aut. Morra, 24 'Riboldi; 37 'Soro, 42' Count.

NOTES: 3-7 corners, 1'-3 'recovery. 350 spectators.

San Bernardo Luserna press office

Enrico Manassero
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