Thursday, January 12th
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networks: Giugliano (M) at 41 'and Caccamo (F) at 43' pt; Panico (F) at 1 'and Giacinti (M) at 22' st

Mozz Fior ValeMOZZANICA: 1 GRITTI (gk), 4 STRACCHI, 5 SCHIAVI, 6 LOCATELLI (cap.), 8 GALLI, 9 GIACINTI, 10 SCARPELLINI (from 40 'ST 3 TONANI), 18 IANNELLA, 20 BARTOLI, 23 GIUGLIANO (from 29' st 36 CAMBIAGHI), 27 ZANOLETTI. All. Nazzarena Grilli. Available: Capelletti, Cervi, Rizza, Rizzon, Mason, Cambiaghi)

FIORENTINA: 1 DURING (gk), 3 GUAGNI, 5 TONA, 8 ORLANDI (cap.), 9 PANICO, 17 VICCHIARELLO, 19 CACCAMO, 21 MOTTA, 22 RODELLA, 51 EK, 98 TORTELLI. All. Sauro Fattori. Available: Faithful, Levin, Giatras, Adami, Salvatori Rinaldi, Casula, Nocchi.

Referee: Francesco Lipizer of Vr; Ferrara of Milan and ALiprandi of San Donà del Piave.

Ammonita: Galli (M).

Note: Cold but sunny day. Field in good condition; present about 350 spectators; 1 '+ 3' recovery. Best in the field: Giacinti (M) and Guagni (F).

Immediately after Brescia, the Mozzanica has to face another big match against Fiorentina by Mister Sauro Fattori, the first team in our panorama to be part of the corresponding professional men's club. Former swallow Fabiana Costi is in the injured grandstand and the Tuscan technician, former Fiorentina and Hellas Verona player, deploys a defense to 5 with wide band Guagni and Rodella, free to offend, Vicchiarello to act as joker in midfield and Panico and Caccamo offensive terminals. Mister Grilli has to give up Mason, stuck in extremis by a muscular problem and thus reproposes the same defense and midfield as 6 days ago, inserting Giugliano in the attacking trident.

The teams descend on the pitch wearing a jersey with a message in favor of combating violence against women. The landlords appear immediately contracted and not very bright. The first shot towards the door is a shot in full area of ​​Panico at 6 ', totally off target, imitated shortly after by a shot at the stars of Giacinti. Before the quarter of an hour the locals show up in the guest area on the development of a corner kicked by Giugliano: a ball coming to the left for Schiavi who turns low for Ianella in the area, but whose turn is far beyond the mirror . At half an hour it is the Mozzanica that becomes dangerous: Giugliano triggers Giacinti who converges and returns the ball to the right, Nuvola Rossa starts the slingshot, but Durante responds to the big corner. The biancocelesti push up the pressure and at the 34 'they go close to the net still on action from the flag: cross of Giugliano on the second pole where Sandy Iannella arrives of great career that of flat on the fly, sends out of little despair. It is the best moment for the landlords to be rewarded at the 41 ': Giugliano goes on the right and crosses, the ball takes on a deceptive trajectory that Durante does not read in the best way and thus ends its race in the seven next to the stake at right of the Tuscan goatherd. Mozzanica took the lead with a bit of luck, but the joy of the clubs lasts very little, since the viola immediately bring back the result in a tie with the first reversal in front. Guagni steals the ball from Bartoli and slings himself into the band, serving in the middle the very free Caccamo, who in the first instance calls Gritti the miracle, but on the second attempt he finds the door mirror and puts it on the net. It then goes to rest on the 1-1.

In the second half are the guests to take the field with greater reactivity, so much so that a round of hands is enough for the eternal Patrizia Panico to find the way of the network: Ek goes to the cross from the left, Locatelli goes empty and the former Verona, left guiltily alone a stone's throw from Gritti, it touches just enough to direct the sphere into seven. Pride in pride the biancocelesti shake and could find the equal to the 6 'when, on a cross from the usual Giugliano, it is Sandy Iannella to soar in full area, not finding however the big target. The Mozzanica is projected forward, but the lilies close each space well. At the 22 'Giacinti regains the result. Zanoletti launch in depth for the Panzer of Val Cavallina who receives, dribbles into Durante and deposits in the unguarded network, among the protests guests for the alleged off side position. The biancocelesti try to break through, but discovering themselves at the purple counter-attacks, without however that neither of the two teams arrives to trouble the opponent goalkeepers. At the half-hour Nazzarena Grilli plays the Cambiaghi card that takes over from Giugliano. It is precisely the new entrance that has the most tempting opportunity for the 38 'clubs: Giacinti, even today commendable for spending energy, goes to the bottom and puts in the middle, the n. 36 orobica receives a few steps from Durante, but fails to control the sphere. Tonani also enters for Scarpellini at the 40 '. At the 41 'they are instead the dangerous guests with Guagni who converges in the center, but shoots high from the left. In full recovery the Tuscans have the golden opportunity to bring home the full loot, when on the cross from the top of the Vicchiarello area Tona stands out, but from a couple of meters does not frame the door, with two better companions behind stationed. On the third minute after the 45 'Mr Lipizer from the Verona section says that this is enough. A peer who pleases everyone and does not satisfy anyone. The biancocelesti lose the head of the standings, while the lilies see the summit move further and further away in favor of Verona, victorious over Bari. A step back for ours compared to the good performance of the derby, but on balance a result that anyway doesn't punishment obtained against one of the sure pretenders to the first positions.

Photo by Maria Gatti

Author: franzbaresiEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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