Thursday, April 23, 2015
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noodles resromaFirst win of the season for the Roma Move Up Res which takes the field of the Riviera di Romagna thanks to the goals of Biasotto and Nagni, and climbs to five points in the standings, climbing to eighth place in the standings.
Mister Melillo has to do without Spagnoli, Coluccini, Marzi and Labate and sends from the first minute Pipitone between the posts, Savini, Colini and Gambarotta in defense, Biasotto, Caruso, Greggi, Ciccotti and Fracassi in midfield, with Simonetti and captain Nagni in attack.
The first chance to score is the Giallorossi after just two minutes: Ciccotti cross for Caruso who missed the stop from inside the small area and lost the opportunity to kick a sure shot; the answer from the Riviera does not wait and comes after just a minute with Colasuonno that pulls from the edge of the area, with the ball that ends just outside. At the tenth a Bassano cross turns into a poisonous shot that ends his run on the left post of the goal defended by Pipitone.
At the quarter of an hour reversed to Simonetti's flight and the ball just outside; pass a few minutes and is still the pole to save Pipitone, on a shot of Colasuonno launched by Pastor.
On the 26th the Capitoline advantage: Fracassi serves Caruso who turns on herself and beats a golden assist for Biasotto, who on the fly beats Pignagnoli and signs the first goal in the league for the Res Roma Move Up.

On the wings of enthusiasm the guests are close to doubling on two occasions with Nagni, who first tries with a lob from the distance and then with a shot that ends just outside.
Almost at the end the Riviera tries to even the score but the conclusion from the limit of Colasuonno ends abundantly out.
The recovery begins under the sign of the landlords who touch on par with Colasuonno who sends out a few steps from Pipitone in the second minute, and with Mastrovincenzo who sends the ball a little high with a nice header on the development of a korner.
The Res Roma grows with the passing of the minutes and we try with two set pieces of Simonetti and Ciccotti, both finished just outside.
At half an hour the new entry Ferrara sows panic in the Capitoline area but his right is well off by Pipitone.
Six minutes from the end the goal that closes the match: Captain Nagni takes advantage of a disengagement of the wrong rearguard Romagna, Ugolini over speed, dribble Pignagnoli and back to the goal after a year of break due to the gestation and delivery of little Francis.
Obviously satisfied the Roman coach Fabio Melillo: "Race well interpreted: we knew how to suffer and then play with personality deserving at the end this very important result.We managed to find the way of goals and above all game plots and want to press always shorter on the bearer. A good game that will help us grow. "

First goals and first win in the league for Res Roma Move Up
Marker: 26 'Biasotto - 84' Nagni
Riviera di Romagna: Pignagnoli, Bastianelli (85 'Lazzara), Marrone, Ugolini, Mastrovincenzo, Galassi, Pastore, Bassano (81' Ferrara), Porcarelli (46 'Cinti), Colasuonno, Innerhuber. Available: Vio, Volonnino, Catena, Gagliardi. All.Marcelli
Res Rome: Pipitone, Colini, Gambarotta, Savini, Greggi, Ciccotti, Biasotto, Simonetti (90 'Palombi), Nagni (86' Nicosia), Fracassi, Caruso (83 'Picchi). Available: Caporro, Di Giammarino, Simeone, Mancini. All .: F. Melillo
Referee: D.Faraon di Conegliano Veneto
Ammonite: Nagni - Colini (Res) Shepherd (RdR)

Press Office Res Roma Move UP

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