Tuesday, October 15 2019
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Brescia is too strong: the San Bernardo Luserna surrenders 7-1

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Barbers Alborghetti

Nothing to do for the San Bernardo Luserna, which at the second of the championship faced Brescia, second place last year, winner of the Italian Cup and Italian Super Cup. The gap between the two teams is too obvious, on the one hand the willing new promoter and on the other a serious candidate for the championship with high hopes also in the Champions League. And in fact the guests leave strong, that already after a few seconds put Asteggiano to the test, which is exceeded on a close conclusion of Girelli, served from the right by Tarenzi.
The Luserna for its part does not play badly, but the Brescia when it attacks is very bad, exposing all the difficulties of a team to the first experience in the maximum championship: at 8 'the descent to the left of Serturini in fact allows the Lombard to go immediately in the lead with an angled right. Two minutes pass and the doubling arrives: general defense sleep and Tarenzi checks in the undisturbed area signing the 2-0. Try to react the Luserna with Moretti, but loses the moment and allows the defense to repair in the corner. The Brescia does not give up and at 14 'a fine parade of Asteggiano on a close header by Sabatino saves the momentary 2-0. At the 18 'it is still Asteggiano on the shields, on angle of Cernoia for the head of Girelli, with a great repulsion of foot; he can do nothing but two minutes later always on Girelli who signs the 3-0 with a low shot. At the 21 'a goal is also canceled to Moretti for offside, while at the 23' Cernoia mocks everyone directly from a corner kick, while Asteggiano remains on the ground injured, rising again a little later still in his right knee. And after the fifth goal signed by Girelli at the 30 ', Zorri has to resort to the first substitution by taking over Serafino to Asteggiano, who at the 33' deflects for a corner on Tarenzi. At 40 'it is still Serturini to go down to the left, but Serafino takes his foot and takes refuge in the corner. At the 41, however, he cannot do anything about Sabatino's perfect lob that closes the first half and brings the markings for the Lombards to 6.
The second half reopened with the same script as the first: Brescia in attack and Luserna in search of the first goal at home in Serie A.
At the second minute, however, a fortuitous clash between Annalisa Favole and Bosi leaves the latter on the ground in pain. But Zorri's girls do not get upset, and finally they go to the net with Moretti, who is thrown alone towards Caesar.
At the 15 'Girelli's flight on the outside is beautiful, while at 27' the action for the landlords is applause: on the left D'Ancona finds the right corridor, the crossbar for Barbieri is perfect and the following too precise header, hitting the top of the crossbar. Change of face, and Brescia makes seven with Girelli. We then try the new entry from the distance to the 36 'Trapani engaging Caesar in the corner and then again Spanu with a cut from the right, but the final result remains stuck on the 7-1 for the Brescia.


SB LUSERNA (4-3-3): Asteggiano (30 'pt Serafino); Mazzucchetti, Bosi, Falbo, D'Ancona; Di Lascio (28 'st Trapani), Favole A., Massarelli (4' st Tudisco); Spanu, Barbieri, Moretti. Allor Zorri

BRESCIA (3-4-3): Caesar; Linari, D'Adda, Boattin; Cernoia (1 'st Lenzini), Alborghetti, Eusebio (1' st Mele), Serturini; Tarenzi, Girelli, Sabatino (21 'st Martani). All .: Bertolini.

REFEREE: Costa di Chiavari (Critelli and De Maria of Turin)
NETWORKS: 8 'Serturini, 10' Tarenzi, 20 'Girelli, 23' Cernoia, 29 'Girelli, 41' Sabatino; 3 'Moretti, 29' Girelli.

NOTES: ammonite Bosi, D'Ancona. 3-9 corners, 2 '+ 2' recovery. viewers about 200.

San Bernardo Luserna press office

In the photographs of Alessandro Rosa: Above Barbieri and Alborghetti, below Moretti and Cernoia

Moretti Cernoia

Enrico Manassero
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