Saturday, February 22 2020
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Penultimate Serie B championship day decisive for promotions. Celebrate the conquest of the series A: Luserna, Sudtirol and Vittorio Veneto that are added to the newly promoted Acese. Still everything to be decided in the play-out area.

A super Luserna beats the Alexandria for 3 to 1 within the walls and supports the promotion, which escaped the photo finish in the last season against Cuneo. The usual Moretti opens the markings. In the second half is the fantasist Annalisa Favole, well back at the races after a bad accident, to put the seal of the promotion, materialized by the third network scored by Maura Bruno that burns every dream of hope to the excellent Alba, winning in the land of Sardinia . The goal of Amato at 85 does not worry the manager who administers and, finally, celebrates the series A.

And on Sunday, the party-revenge meeting between the first two of the ranking that have brightly animated this group making it exciting until the end. Congratulations to Mr. Tatiana Zorri for the promotion, to the Luserna company and to the friend Cerutti for the professional collaboration given throughout the championship. A plaud to the Alba, second place and to the freshman Musiello climb on the podium of the best.

At the Sudtirol the victory was needed and victory was! He came to the land of Franciacorta and won for 4 at 1 and, after having touched three promotions in the previous championships, celebrates the welcome return in Serie A. A victory with a special flavor, arrived a day early, at the end of a balanced competition with the two relegated Fimauto Valpolicella and Inter, with the Real Meda fourth uncomfortable and the Mozzecane to pull the half-class group.
The first seal arrives with Alessandra Tonelli's 100 network that unlocks the tension and opens the way to victory. Dallagiacoma, Brunello and Pasqualini close the games and Sunday the final party in the company of their fans in the derby with Azzurra SB
Congratulations to the South Tyrolean company for the return in A, to Luca Dalla Torre and to the great Pietro Perez for his professionalism and precision.

Thirty-three years of history, of joys and victories, disappointments and hopes realized with the promotion in Serie A, dedicated to the "mythical BAFFO". The Vittorio Veneto celebrates an exhilarating season .. studded with many victories, without defeats and with the last draw, conquered on the field of rival Marcon, crown the dreams of glory that project the girls of Mr. Fattorel for the first time in Serie A.
Our heartfelt congratulations to the whole society for the promotion and for the collaboration with our editorial staff and to applaud the company of President Miele for having opposed until the end the triumphal march of the rival.
For the marconesi a dream sent back to the next season.

Aces, Luserna and Vittorio Veneto conquer for the first time in their history the promotion in Serie A and together with the Sudtirol rise among the great Italian women's football.

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