Thursday, February 26, 2015
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Agsm Verona Under 15

Youth Sector: The "Young Footballers" training of Agsm Verona in the "Temple of the Blue National" for the "7 ° Grassroots Festival" conceived by UEFA. The Gialloblù also ended unbeaten in Coverciano an extraordinary season.
Thanks to the regional title achieved by winning both the autumn and the spring phase of the "Giovani Calciatrici" championship, the Gialloblù children of Agsm Verona have won their participation in the "7 ° Grassroots Festival". The event, conceived by UEFA for the development of youth football, for men and women, is organized by the Italian Football Federation on Saturday 20 and Sunday 21 on June at the Federal Technical Center of Coverciano, the home of the Italian team.
The scaligers this Saturday represented the Veneto at the parade of all the delegations present.
Celebrating the Grassroots festival is always a great emotion that involves not only the young athletes, but also technicians and parents.

An event that represents, for many young players and footballers from all regions of Italy, a moment of sport, but above all a great party marked by positive values ​​brought by football such as fair play, education, integration.
In the late afternoon the Gialloblù coach Luciano Semenzato took part in the conference "Football for All ... Football for Game", while the rest of the Verona delegation reached the Hotel Zucconi in Montecatini Terme.
The baby Scala were also accompanied in Tuscany by the head of the youth sector Dino Salvetti, by the defender of the first team and the national team Federica Di Criscio (vice-coach of the youth training), and by the youth coach Sergio Meneghini.
Sunday morning the youth team of Agsm Verona returned again to the Technical Center of Coverciano for the planned activities on the soccer fields.
The young soccer players of Mr. Luciano Semenzato made their debut against the Tuscan women from Castelfranco di Sotto (Pi).
The dangerous Pisans are immediately but the Gialloblu goalkeeper Linda Fenzi rejects the conclusion.
Then come out the Scaligeras that become dangerous with the attempts of Emma Messetti, Anna Cavalca, Veronica Pasini, Eleonora Franco and the double conclusion of Sara Osetta.
It is a monologue of the Veronese who hit the post with Veronica Pasini, and precisely the number ten gialloblu brings Agsm Verona into the lead.
Shortly afterwards, Pasini scored the double with a delicious lob and the baby boys defeated the Pisans for 2-0.
In the second race the Veronese face the Mozzanica which is difficult even at youth level.
The first dangerous action is by Elena Nichele with the deviation in the corner of the Lombard defender.
Nichele tries again but the Bergamo number one is good at rejecting.
At the end of the opening of Eleonora Franco for Veronica Pasini, who is sure to miss the ball by the goalkeeper of the Mozzanica with a resounding intervention and the race ends in goalless goals.
In the third and final meeting, AMSM Verona faced the Neapolitans of Virtus Partenope.
At the first lunge the yellow and blue go ahead with Emma Messetti thanks to a precise diagonal that goes to slip where the number one Neapolitan can not arrive.
The Neapolitans blame the blow and the Scaligere take advantage of it with Elena Nichele who puts in the ball of the 2-0.
We also try Sara Osetta but the extreme defender from Campania is saved and on the restart the blue shorten the distances with an unattainable diagonal.
All to revive the third yellow goal: Sara Osetta steals the ball in midfield, goes down on the wing, focuses and shoots an unattainable diagonal, is the 3-1 final and also the last goal of an amazing season that saw the young players of Luciano Semenzato close undefeated with 19 victories and 4 draws, winners of the regional autumn, spring and consequently of the Supercoppa Veneto.
These are the protagonists of the season just ended:
1 Linda Fenzi, 2 Serena Mero, 3 Sofia Meneghini, 4 Anna Cavalca, 5 Matilde Santinato, 6 Elena Nichele, 7 Emma Messetti, 8 Eleonora Franco, 9 Angelica Blows, 10 Veronica Pasini, 11 Bojana Bogdanic, 13 Veronica Zanardo, 14 Veronica Zanardo, 15 Boiana Bogdanic, 16 Veronica Zanardo, XNUMX Boni, XNUMX Sara Osetta, XNUMX Aurora Gobbi. Coaches: Luciano Semenzato, Federica Di Criscio.

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