Friday, February 28 2020
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Subdued performance, assured loss. Two counter-attack goals - one in the first, the other in the third half - give the victory to the Argentia (scoreless recovery) on the field of the Oratory of Gorgonzola. The Beginners have not been able to develop their game, made of ball possession, phrasing and triangulation. Guilt also, but not only, the irregular background with often unpredictable rebounds of the sphere. It is also true that the girls of Mr. Cambiaghi have appeared soft, less concentrated and determined than usual. In addition the biancocelesti offensives were regularly slammed in front of the "wall" guest. The team has confirmed to suffer the formations perched, all defense and clearance game. The game was still rather ugly with few opportunities from the network for both teams.
Mozzanica with several absences: Ravasio falls in defense on the right, forward Vattiato alongside Baruffaldi and Agazzi. The girls of Mr. Cambiaghi start the attack with a shot, deflected for a corner, by Agazzi on an assist by Lobello (3 '); the gialloverdi respond with Saracino, skilled to juggle between the jerseys of the defense and to conclude with a low shot out of little (5 '). The Argentia goes to 7 ': the Mozzanica loses ball on three quarters, the local verticalizzate, Zanchi outgoing is betrayed by an irregular rebound allowing Saracino to bag empty port. Cambiaghi reverses the bands of Vattiato and Agazzi. The boys are aiming at the door: Mancini at 9 'concludes to the side, Arosio is more precise but Zanchi blocks (12'), Lixandru from the right crosses on the opposite pole but the low shot ends (13 '). At the 15 'Zanchi sends over the crossbar a free kick by Arosio from 25 meters.
In the second half Cambiaghi enters Fumagalli in the first line on the right. After two minutes, a golden opportunity for the Mozzanica. Baruffaldi on the right wins the bottom and cross, Rossi in trouble leans against the goalkeeper who, instead of repelling with his feet, takes the ball with his hands: the referee gives the girls a free kick in the area that Demaio can not transform ( high shot). Baruffaldi at 4 'finds, in speed, an idea of ​​his but Poggi with his feet foils the danger. The Argentia goes close to the goal at 12 'on melee: beat and hit the small area, then the defense manages to free. Demaio imbecca in the Baruffaldi area anticipated by the defenders; on the developments of the action the same Baruffaldi manages to conclude on the net but the ball ends out (13 '). Vattiato gives the change to Campana, touched hard: Agazzi stands in front of the defense. The Mozzanica, pushing forward to reassemble, is exposed to the restarting speed of the premises. At the 14 'a yellow-green counterattack was thwarted by an exit outside the Zanchi area. So the second half ends in a tie.
In the last fraction of the game Campana falls into directing, Agazzi back in attack on the left, Fumagalli carousel on the opposite front with Vattiato in the middle. And just these last two at the 2 'triangulate well in the area but the local rearguard manages to free. The Mozzanica insists even if it sins with precision and often the steps, thanks to the ground, are out of measure. In fact, a wrong disengagement at 5 'leads to the doubling of the fast Saracino that finds the right gap to surprise the defense. The girls try to react: Demaio in action of breakthrough at 9 'is "walled up" by the gialloverdi. Vattiato and Fumagalli, on the right, duet again, the yellow-green defenders close the spaces. At 12 'Arosio from the limit dribbles an opponent and unloads the right: the low shot ends shortly. Baruffaldi returns to the center of the attack in place of Vattiato. The girls do not give up and the 17 'manage to set up a nice hallway on the right, but the fatigue and heat are felt. The petrol is running out, so the locals can check without difficulty the last remnants of the match and take home the victory.


NETWORKS: Saracino (PO) 7 'pt and 5' tt

P. ARGENTIA: Poggi; Bolanos, Rossi, Gulino, Mancini; Cerù, Migliore, Arosio; Lixandru, Saracino, Polloni. (Torelli, Cavaliere). All. Roncato

MOZZANICA: Zanchi; Ravasio, Ciocca, Lobello, Chignoli; Countess, Campana, Demaio; Agazzi, Baruffaldi, Vattiato (Fumagalli). (Nicoli). All. Cambiaghi

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