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rome femm agropoli15The Agropoli Tournament ended with a real Giallorossi triumph. The women's soccer school in Rome has won the Cup both with the team under 14 and under 16. Festive days for girls and the Romanist staff dedicated to sport, but also friendship. Very healthy agonism in the field, but out of the green land old friendships have been strengthened and new ones have been born. The atmosphere was breathtaking and while at the Olympic Stadium in Rome there was a Roma - Napoli that allowed to talk about itself especially for offensive banners, in Agropoli Rome and Naples they took compliments from the media and from all the football lovers because they clung in a healthy twinning based on the joy of both teams to compete only in football.
Under the schedule of the matches of the two Giallorossi representatives and then the photos that can better describe a thousand words the atmosphere and the joy that was breathed in Agropoli.
Under 14:
were in the group with Real Napoli (won 3-0, scorers Ciufoli, Capitta and Serao),
Virtus (won 8-0, 2 Sgambato, 3 Lauria, 2 Ciufoli, 1 Spoletini),
Dream (lost 2-1, goal by Vigliucci)
Collingwood (Canada) (won 6-0 goal 2 Sgambato 2 Serao 2 Vigliucci)
Under 16
were in the group with Angels (won 4-0, goals by Marinucci, Bartolucci, 2 Di Clavio),
Virtus (lost 2-0)
Benevento (won 2-0, double of Lauria)

(Mariella Quintarelli)

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