Thursday, February 26, 2015
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mozzanica eso bussero15Draw in comeback for the Debutants in the home match against Bussero. A result result of another great performance and that is close to Mozzanica, more convincing opponents for both the size of the game and the character aspect. It was a fought and enjoyable match between two teams that make the game their trademark. The girls of Mr. Cambiaghi led the dances and became more dangerous. Taken a counterattack goal in the only attack action of the opponents in the first half, they were good in the recovery to stay in the game and, thanks to a third arrembante, have deservedly grabbed the same. The Bussero, found in the lead, could not close the match. Note of merit for the defenses that have minimized the opportunities from opponents net.

Mazzoleni on the left side of the attack is the only news, for the rest Cambiaghi line up the same formation took to the field in Cambiago. Beat and initial retaliation, then at 4 'Bellavia with a shot over the girls but starting over the line of defenders, offside. The Mozzanica takes the initiative and goes close to scoring with Agazzi, good at speeding past the host rear but the conclusion on the first post is deflected in the corner by Brambilla (7 '). The accelerations of Agazzi send the host defense in trouble: at 9 'the outside biancoazzurra conquers the bottom again but his insidious cross is saved. Baruffaldi and Mazzoleni exchange position. The latter tests the breakthrough at the center but is "walled up" by the defenders (10 '). The Mozzanica attacks but is surprised at the 12 ': Calledda snaps on the left, Lobello goes to close in tackle but the rebound favors the attacker who relies on the current Motta, free in the area to beat Zanchi with a precise low shot. A real cold shower for the biancoazzurre that at 14 'try to react with a Campana shot-cross blocked by Brambilla. At 16 'Agazzi swoops again on the right but the shot, still on the first post, ends slightly high.

In the second half Cambiaghi passes from the 4-3-3 to the 3-5-2 with Riccelli and Vattiato forward and the insertion of Benaglia and Fumagalli on the outer lanes of midfield. On the left a couple of triangulations restarting Ravasio, Campana and Fumagalli tear applause. At the 6 'exchange of first Demaio-Vattiato-Demaio but the host defenders take refuge in the corner. Change in front and 8 'Calledda on the left goes to the conclusion, blocked in two times by Zanchi. Agazzi returns to the fray to catch Countess. Shortly thereafter Campana, touched hard, is replaced by Baruffaldi while Chignoli gives the change to Ravasio. The boys of Mr. Calvano take the initiative (it's their best time) but the biancoazzurra defense, under the direction of Lobello, risks only to 14 ': ball filtering in the area for Di Gregorio, Zanchi diving save the result by diverting the blow without fail the adversary. The Mozzanica replica with Fumagalli, lesta to collect on the left a postponement of the host defense and to download the right: Franzese para (16 '). A cross in the area of ​​Di Gregorio from the right is not collected at the door by any teammate. It is the last action of the recovery that ends in scoreless networks.

Third time with the same formation of the first. The biancoazzurre leave decided, they want to win it to equalize the match. The defense becomes impenetrable with Ciocca and Lobello that close all the gates, Ravasio unsurpassed in the one against one and Chignoli that is distinguished by disengagement and safe supports. In the middle Demaio conquers balls on balls, Campana distributes them accurately, Contessotto triangulates well with Agazzi. At half time Fumagalli gives the change to Mazzoleni in attack and is positioned on the left, Baruffaldi back in the middle. And it is the latter, the "freccia" biancoazzurra, prompted by Agazzi, to find the winning gap at 11 ': his low shot does not give way to the goalkeeper of the outgoing Bussero. The opponents accuse the blow, the white-black, reinvigorated, try to double down. Baruffaldi goes two more times to shoot: the first, on the passage of Agazzi, is re-stacked by the defenders (13 '); the second (assist of Lobello), from too far away, is parried without difficulty by Brambilla (14 '). Toward the end of the race we also try Demaio, after a personal action on the left, but the goalkeeper says no. The final whistle marks a more deserved draw and the biancoazzurre, happy to have conjugated good game and result, celebrate with the hola in front of their audience.

MOZZANICA-2-2 BUSHES (0-1; 0-0; 1-0)
NETWORKS: Calledda (B) 12 'pt; Baruffaldi (M) 11 'tt

MOZZANICA: Zanchi; Ravasio, Ciocca, Lobello, Chignoli (Fumagalli); Countess, Campana, Demaio; Agazzi (Benaglia), Baruffaldi (Vattiato), Mazzoleni (Riccelli). (Maffezzoli). All. Cambiaghi

BUSSERO: Brambilla (Franzese); Parolini, Siligato, Pedretti, Barazzetta; Germinario, Loffredo, Motta; Di Gregorio, Bellavia, Calledda. (Verderio, Sorrenti, Ghislotti, Piga, Padalino). All. Calvano

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