Friday, February 28 2020
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young mozzanica1415Tuesday 17 March night match for the Giovanissime home Mozzanica, recovery valid for the 16th day of the league against the age of 'Inter, a clash of the titans, the top of the standings, in fact the summit is very tangled, stands the Brescia with 51 points chase Mozzanica to 49 but with a match to recover, Real Meda to 46 with 2 recovers and Inter to 45 but with three recoveries.
The squad of former Mister Moro, comes with the best defense of the championship, only 5 the goals conceded, while the Mozzanica responds with the best attack of the 123 championship goals, a Champions League final match!
Not even the time to feel to hear the first notes that the Bergamo take the lead: crazy horse anghilieri rides the left wing, crossed by the kiss for the riveting Zanetti that inflate the net! 24 absolute record seconds.
Ball in the center batti rivatti and the Mozzanica punishes for the second time, a stray ball is intercepted by Zanetti that bags, and they are 2!
The clock does not nearly have time to turn twice that Baldi decides to get into the chair. Punishment from the right wing, he takes on Baldi, who like the national Pirlo enchants the present with an amazing trajectory on the first post, net, and they are 3!
The small Nerazzurri on the edge of the KO, three goals in 4 minutes would also extend Real Madrid, look for a reaction, at 15 'can be glimpsed by the parties of Resmini, but the conclusion is at the bottom.
On the other hand a less attentive Baldini grants, soon after, the local poker, Anghilieri is in fact quick to slip between the defensive nerazzure jerseys and to head the net that is worth the poker!
Inter stumbles but does not give up and tries to find a net that can reopen the match but the impact is absorbed by the Mozzanica without big worries or rather around the 25 'Baldi retreat in midfield, steals the ball and as the torist Bruno Peres invents the winning ride and after discarding opponents as traces trace yet another stroke that tears the standing ovation of the audience, 5 0.
The guests, however, do not give up and at the 30 'heat gloves Resmini that must be overcome to neutralize the first real dangerous end of the Nerazzura, the referee sends everyone to drink the most classic tea.
First half devastating the Mozzanica, half time advantage of three goals, safe goalkeeper, arcane defense, midfield containing and starts with precision and a fairytale attack, 5 goals trimmed to a defense that in 20 games had suffered as many as the evening seems just from Champions.
Mister Tirinnocchi, however, does not reduce concentration, the opponent is difficult and has shown that it will certainly not give up the game so easily.

Unfortunately, the ambitions of the Nerazzurri in the second half clash against the wall Resmini, which closes the door and throw away the keys.
In fact, when Martina flies, not to remove, but to harpoon the intersection of the poles yet another attempt, this time on the set, even the opponents realize that there is no one for tonight, thanks birthday ( best wishes Martina!) the bergamasco goalkeeper unleashes the performance from Buffon to the world championships 2006 Germany, and also in the stands you can feel the victory in the fist, and the many fans come to greet "greet the leaders"
The enterprise is now completed Mozzanica 52 Brescia 51 but it is not over, the girls are expected from other 5 finals, the most important will be played Sunday 19 April in Mozzanica against Brescia, this last Sunday will have to overcome the obstacle Real Meda but girls keep the concentration until the end, no count, do not look at the rankings, you play and you have to win them all.

Mozzanica: Resmini, Giusso, Marchesi, Piana, Verzelletti, Belussi, Zanetti, Salvi, Baldi, Martella, Anghileri, Corcelli, Magni, Boni, Vicini - Mister Tirnnocchi

Inter: Baldini, Iannelli, Gino, Maiocchi, Pinzin, Ripamonti, Morosi, Galbusera, Beninati, Tamborini, Sanguini, Vanin, Bubba, Viganò, Menozzi - Mister Moro

Markers: 1 'Zanetti 2' Zanetti 4 'Baldi 18' Anghileri 22 'Baldi

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