Friday, February 28 2020
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It is the Luserna of Tatiana Zorri to win the recognition of the best team in the 2015 B series. The municipality of Vittorio Veneto is vicious, proving to have something more than the Venetian especially from the point of view of experience.
It was a great party, as only women's football can give away. The two technicians gave the whole rose, and the most deserving young, the ideal catwalk for the great season just ended. It was for many the first taste of Serie A, and of course he had the best, the team with the most elements that the A series have already experienced extensively. Needless to say, it was a pleasure to host the sympathy of the Piedmontese girls and staff. Several prominent individuals, and the two technicians wanted to reward the day as MVP, for the class Luserna, the leadership of its captain Manuela Bosi, finally returned to the only championship that truly competes: the series A. For Vittorio Veneto unanimously all the Piedmontese staff rewarded the fantasy of the rossoblu juggler Giorgia Cisotto.


Hot muggy, and a natural decline in training in recent weeks, have a little 'lowered the pace of the match. If we put in, the tourbillon of the changes of the two technicians to give the right place to all the girls of the rose, the match was not among the best from the technical point of view and intensity.
There was obviously no shortage of the bomber Erika Moretti, lest to wedge in the careless exit of the home defense and beat Reginato with a precise touch to the 24 '. (When you say smell of the goal ....). Responding to the 32 'home bomber Margherita Zanon, catching the crossbar.
In the last 10 'the other goals with the squads filled with absolute debutants: for Vittorio Katia Toffoli, Giulia Bortoluzzi, Carlotta Modolo and Elisa Francescon; for Luserna Giulia Pasquariello and Chiara Arquina '. The 2-0 of the Piedmontese with a great goal from outside the area of ​​Morena Spanu. The victors are trying to reopen the game with the swan rossoblu Will Bottoli a few minutes from the end, but at the 90 'signs the definitive 3-1 Raffaella Barbieri.

Then party and twinning between the two teams to celebrate the acquired series A together. And the awarding of the aforementioned MVP, and the winning team by an exceptional testimonial and pride of Vittorio Veneto, Mister Diego Bortoluzzi (Guidolin's assistant in the Udinese miracles ... and not only ...)

(24 'Moretti, 78' Spanu, 87 'Bottoli, 90' Barbieri)

1. Reginato
2. Uliana
3. Tonon
4. Cutifani
5. Big house
6. From Ros
7. Zanella
8. Give
9. Cisotto
10. Sovilla
11. Zanon
12. Cazzaro
13. Sommariva
14. Simeoni
15. piai
16. De Martin
17. Bottoli
18. Toffoli
19. Bortoluzzi
20. Modolo
21. Francescon


1. Campanino
2. Tales
3. Bosi
4. Massarelli
5. Falbo
6. Boggio
7. Trapani
8. Sosso
9. Barbieri
10. Spanu
11. Moretti
12. Serafino
13. Mazzuchetti
14. Felizia
15. Curcio
16. Bonanno
17. Bruno
18 D'Ancona
19. Archina '
20. Pasquariello
21. Calabrese

Walter Pettinati
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