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Vittorio Veneto - Luserna (Sunday 10 May - 16.00 hours) - Protagonists of the confrontation on the defensive departments of the two teams promoted in A, are two charismatic characters and leader for both dressing rooms.
For the Luserna MANUELA BOSI born the 13 / 04 / 1981 in Voghera (Pv). The teams in which he played are in order: 10 years in Alexandria doing all the categories (c, b, a2), 7 years in Turin (A), 1 year again in Alexandria (a2), before the final transition to Luserna 2 Years ago. His contribution has been fundamental to center the promotion in Serie A, both in terms of experience (he has several appearances in Serie A), and for his remarkable qualities as absolute leader in directing the entire rearguard, not disdaining even to be a few gifts on goal in terms of goals scored (3 this year and 4 in the last season) For Vittorio Veneto, the vice captain FRANCESCA DA ROS (03 / 01 / 1992), grew up under the protective wing of the great guru of the Claudio Foffano victorious football in the men's team of San Michele Salsa. Then start immediately in the female Vittorio Veneto and then dress, always and only that glorious jersey, contributing to the growth and formation of the historical group and guide it to the amazing annual goal.

Eclectic player, able to cover all the roles of the field: attacking outside last year (10 goals in the active), mainly in midfield this season (with 6 goals scored), to end the season in the youth role, from defensive central, giving security and tranquility to the whole department (not by chance the two decisive games of the season finale, Castelvecchio and Marcon, are finished without conceding a goal)



1) Can you tell us a little about your department partners and the game module used in defense?
- The game module adopted in defense has almost always been 4, except for some rare exception we went through and three during the course of some games. As for my teammates, the defensive center that plays next to me is called Erica Falbo, has arrived in the team this year and has immediately proved an excellent purchase. He was an outsider, but after a few games he had to move to the center for needs, and I must say that it was a good move. I think that in a team the two power stations should have a good understanding, and we fortunately found it immediately. On the exteriors Mazzucchetti Benedetta played, a very pushy exterior, and one of the founders of this young company. Another defender is Favole Stefania who unfortunately had a crash in mid-season and had to stay off the field for almost three months. He is a very tenacious defender, and she is also a purchase this season. Another defender is Boggio Teresa, also external, is distinguished by his determination and for his "never give up". Besides these players we must not forget two young people, like Ippolito Carlotta and Martina Felizia who have had some space in the championship, and they are growing a lot.
In addition to all these girls I have to make a quotation also for D'Ancona Alessia, who in reality would be an attacking outsider, but out of necessity she played almost the entire second leg in defense, standing up to this role.

2) Since you have already played in series A. what are the main differences between the two categories?
- Fortunately for me I have already had experience in serious A, and I know what it means to play with it, the leap in the category is remarkable, the speed of play and especially the physicality of the aversarie increases considerably. I must say that technically there are very valid people in the B series, especially among the first in the class, but the speed of play is what makes the difference. If in series B a mistake can not always compromise the game, in Serie A when wrong you "castigano". So the concentration with which you will have to face the games will have to be at best. In addition I think that the goals of the past season are different from the next, and the struggle to save is in my opinion harsher. There will be more difficult periods, and only with a strong team union can they be overcome.

3) What was the opposing player who most impressed you this year (and in general)? And the one that put you in trouble in your career?
- In my career I think it is obvious to say that the, or rather the most difficult players that I had to face are Patrizia Panico and Melania Gabbiadini, two real forces in our football. As for this year there have been excellent strikers, and it does not seem right to name just a few. Luckily my colleagues and I were really good at stopping the attacks of the other teams, and this is confirmed by the numbers, since we were the best defense with only 15 goals taken. And this was also posible to the excellent goalkeeper Carol Campanino, who has saved the games several times.

4) What is your favorite player of all time?
- Actually I never had a favorite player, but I admired many of my friends. I learned many lessons from them, I understood what it really means to train and always do it at 100%. My favorite players are those who fight and sweat to get to a goal, which in training they give everything they have. I have always tried to do this to be an example to my younger companions, and I hope I have succeeded.

5) As a defender, can you tell us how you can stop Moretti bomber?
- I must say that Erika Moretti is really an excellent striker, physically powerful, excellent progression and good technique. He is always in the right place at the right time, but I can not reveal his weaknesses, either because he has few or because I can not give an advantage to the next opponents :-)

6) Sunday is waiting for the trident of Vittorio Veneto, do you already know some of its components? And how do you plan to tackle it?
- Unfortunately, the women's football is not very visible and therefore I have never seen the "Vittorio Veneto" play, I am sure it will be tough on Sunday, as they will certainly be strong, having won the championship in turn. It will be very nice to be able to compare with another newly promoted and see how much we could get ready for next season. I do not think we will change the way we play, we should be as careful and concentrated as possible, and I am sure it will be a great experience for both teams.

7) Send greetings to friends Victorians for Sunday ..
- Hello to all girls, we'll see each other on Sunday to celebrate the promotion of both, I'm sure it will be a very interesting day. There will certainly be much competition from both, but always with respect and loyalty sport !!! On Sunday, bye bye and congratulations again for the promotion !!!


1) Tell us about your departmentmates?
- With my four department partners (I also understand the goalkeeper of course) has created a kind of symbiosis. Playing the last 4 / 5 games back there was not really easy because the defensive timing is a delicate thing to learn in small doses. If in some games, however, I have done the minimum necessary is precisely because my classmates did a good job a few meters before me.

2) Apart from Zanon, none of this group has ever played in A, as you imagine?
- Personally I imagine you a nice tough guy, especially physically, but I do not want to bother my head even before I start.

3) What was the opposing player who most impressed you this year? And the one that put you in trouble?
- I think that Eleonora Goldoni is the athlete who impressed me most ... very technically strong, she practically practiced alone and then she is also very elegant!

4) What is your favorite player?
- My favorite player? What can I say .. I feel lucky to play Vittorio because, as a defender, I would never have anything to do with #ZanonDeMartinCisotto. Too strong!

5) Sunday awaits the attack mitralglia of the luserna, with the first, third and fourth of the scorers ranking of that group. With bomber Erika Moretti (27 goal). How do you plan to deal with it?
- In my very quick blue experience I met Erika Moretti. If I remember the name means that it was one of the strongest and the numbers confirm it. I congratulate them.

6) Sends a greeting to the Piedmontese friends for Sunday ..
- Piedmontese friends, we are waiting for you! I would like to know how you celebrated your victory!

Walter Pettinati
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