Sunday, 20 October 2019
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The Musiello Saluzzo beats the Castelfranco and blinds the third place

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Absolute dominion in Revello, Soragni and Mellano's magic assure the podium in the first year in the category. Home victory for the Musiello Saluzzo of patron Piera Delgrosso who beats the Castelfranco by size and secures the third place in this first historic season in Serie B. At the 'Comunale' of Revello, theater of this challenge given the modernity between Saluzzo and Benarzole, the girls of Mr. Roberto Panigari unleash a test of great quality and the meager difference in terms of result between the two teams is attributable only to the skill of the goalkeeper Baldi and latent accuracy. From the first minutes of the game you understand what the theme of the meeting will be with the saluzzesi master of the field and the dangerous guests only through rapid verticalizations well controlled by the tandem Del Gaudio-Giordano. The first gasp is created by Graziotto, who flees on the left side but discharges from the edge of the area. The pressure of the Saluzzesi does not tend to decrease and the 21 'Mellano, well served by Paoletti, powerful but high kick from a good position. The network of landlords is in the air and arrives at half an hour: Graziotto is wedged in the rear guard and serves Mellano on the right, Saluzzo outside fishing in the Soragni area that controls and reversed leaves no escape to Baldi among the applause about 150 fans in the stands. The Castelfranco can not react and is likely to capitulate on the subsequent attacks of Tosetto, Graziotto and Mellano that do not frame the mirror of the door.

In the second half comes the doubling of landlords: amazing action first on the Anselmo-Soragni axis with the latter that illuminates Mellano brava to move on the left beating the innocent Baldi with a shot that turns off in 'seven' . The Saluzzesi are a river in flood: at 11 'Mellano seeds panic on the right out and puts a cut in the middle on which Graziotto does not reach for centimeters while, a few minutes later, Soragni hits a sensational pole in scissor on the millimeter punishment of Anselmo.
The Castelfranco can not get out of their own half and on the left wing Paoletti and companions bucano with ease: at 21 'Civalleri deep serves Soragni, stopped by a superlative instinct of the strong Baldi while a few minutes later Tosetto, well imbeccata Soragni, comes face to face with the goalkeeper but loses the decisive moment and the action fades. In full recovery comes the network of the flag for the Castelfranco with Di Lupo fleeing on the offside and beats Malosti out.
"We wanted to say goodbye to our fans with a nice win and we managed - commented the Sporting Director Andrea Rubiolo - Getting third in the first Serie B championship can not help but be proud and I want to congratulate the girls and the staff who worked hard to achieve this goal ".


MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Malosti, Giordano, Del Gaudio, Anselmo, Civalleri (30'st Chialvo), Tosetto, Soragni, Mellano (40'st Delmonte), Paoletti, Gilli, Graziotto. A disp: Triolo, Bianco, Minetti, Goletto, Drammis. All: Panigari

CASTELFRANCO: Baldi, Di Gugliemo, Doni, Varriale, Montesi, Caucci, Di Lupo, Pantani, Mastalli, Salvini, Menicucci (1'st Caldesi). A disp: Landi, Guelfi. All. Pistolesi

MARKERS: 30'pt Soragni (MS), 7'st Mellano (MS), 46'st Di Lupo (C)

NOTES: Ammonita Giordano

Source: Sports Editor

In the photograph: Deborah Soragni and Francesca Mellano

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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