Friday, November 15 2019
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The races are not won in two, of course, but when the "little" Annalisa goes on the field, although not the best after the three months of forced stop for the terrible car accident at the beginning of the year, seems to hear the ball sing. Yesterday he repeatedly put his team-mates in front of the opposing goalkeeper, resisting the opponents' attempts to stop them with the good and also the bad ones. Characteristic of people kissed by the god of the ball, in addition to seeing the game in advance is to "see" the entry of opponents and anticipate these too.
As for Morena "more" Spanu convinces that in any offensive role can give the best and decides to play in fun and clear mind can be as devastating as it had been against Castelfranco no more than two months ago.
Obviously all the others proved to be up to the task as evidenced by the score and that our goalkeeper did not have to dirty the gloves.
It is certainly not easy to comment a seven to zero for this we will limit ourselves to the narration of the networks and some salient action anticipating that the ball has always been in the hands of our team apart from a couple of attempts in which Campanino is ready to go out with feet from your area on long raises from the back. For the rest despite the advice of the veteran Marsico the attempts of the islands break on the trocar where they do the usual granite guard the defenders and midfielders who immediately reset the maneuver.
Four occasions in the first eleven minutes with Spanu, Barbieri, Moretti and Favole do not hit the door.
At the quarter of an hour, Curcio launched for Moretti, an angola that made the attempt to intervene by the goalkeeper vain.
At the 24 'Spanu makes the general tests on the assists of Moretti but is rejected by the Ferraro. Two minutes later Moretti crosses the center.
At the 37 'always Moretti still puts in the middle but low and tense: in an attempt to anticipate Barbieri packs the most classic of the autoreti. It ends the first time with the particularly nervous landlords who try to provoke ours not only with decisive income but also with words. The thing ends with a caution for part.
The recovery begins with our boarding. At the 3 'Barbieri tries: the conclusion is intended under the crossbar but with a jump the goalkeeper deflects in the corner. On the corner, though with difficulty, the number 1 isolana remedied.
At the 5 'opening depth of A. Favole for Spanu who focuses by jumping two opponents, also exceeds the goalkeeper and deposited the ball into the net.
At the 15 'and the 19' the goalkeeper denies the goal to a volitional Barbieri before rejecting the conclusion from a short distance and then anticipating it on Massarelli's cross.
At the 21 'Barbieri, who seeks the goal but anyway deviating on the whole front sends in difficulty the defense, free heels Massarelli at the conclusion, yet Ferraro says no. As Barbieri still says a minute later.
24 'Raffaella turns into assists wooman for Spanu stop in offside (doubt). At the 26 'attempt of the Caprera stop in the corner.
A minute later we try again Barbieri and Spanu that this time starts regular and in front of the goalkeeper beats her with a soft touch.
At 40 'glory also for Sosso just substituted that mockery once again the systematic offside of the island is dry the goalkeeper with a violent conclusion.
At 42 'Barbieri, a bomber of race, which is bad if it does not put it in, takes the umpteenth assist of A. Favole awaits the exit of the goalkeeper and signs the final 7 - 0.
I conclude with a thank you to the crew on board the ATHARA ferry from Tirrenia, which has done its utmost to make the crossing smooth.

CAPRERA: Ferraro, Dalu, Zonza, De Palmas, Catgiu (from 11 st Putzu), Carboni, Bertoloni, Marsico (from 31 st Scanu), Uras, Folino. All. Laganà. 12 Tedde, 13 Fadda, 16 Tosi.

LUSERNA: Campanino, Favole Stefania, Bosi (from 16 st Trapani), Curcio, Falbo (from 30 st Sosso), Boggio, Favole Annalisa, Massarelli, Barbieri, Spanu, Moretti (from 14 st Bruno). All. Zorri. Serafino 12.

REFEREE: Amir Salama di Ostia Lido

NETWORKS: Moretti 15 pt; Spanu 25 pt; authorize Catgiu 37 pt; Spanu 5 st; Spanu 27 st; Bone 40 st; Barbers 42 st.

AMMONITE: Catgiu 42 pt (C); Spanu 46 pt (L).

Luserna press office

In the photos Morena Spanu and Annalisa Favole


Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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