Saturday, October 19 2019
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Fourteenth consecutive useful result (thirteen wins and one draw) and eighty network achieved: these are the most striking results after today's victory in Tuscany.

A race in clear dark that could have ended with a much wider score considering the two affected woods and some interventions of the extreme local defender. At the same time suffered especially in the first half when, perhaps for the first real heat of unreason, the maneuver is slow and cumbersome and the usual lack of precision is missing.
At the 2 'Moretti imbeced by D'Ancona anticipates the goalkeeper: a defender is able to free one step from the goal line.
At the 4 'Spanu test. After a reply from the landlord, D'Ancona is anticipated after a triangulation with Barbieri.
At 10 'an unrealistic conclusion of Bugiani which Curcio responds without success.
At the 13 'Barbieri hits the post: a defender rejects on the Moretti counterattack. In the middle of the village, Falbo and Stefania Favole block the restart of the Aglianico area.
The Aglianese only takes care to defend itself by closing all the spaces and we can not find outlets. At the 36 'Mazzucchetti takes the measures but it is too precise and hits the crossbar: Moretti is ready to put in but is offside. Three minutes later the right - hand side adjusted the lift and the conclusion fell in time under the crossbar, surprising the good Sacchi slightly out of the posts. 1 - 0 and sigh of relief in the stands and I also believe in the field. Before the double intervention interval of the goalkeeper on Moretti triggered by Spanu.
After the break the pitch is definitely better and within four minutes the home goalkeeper is called to three interventions on D'Ancona, Spanu and Barbieri. At 5 'can not do anything about Moretti that freed from Trapani appears before her and is not wrong. At the 13 'goalkeeper takes the revenge on the attacker by canceling the left turn. We try Annalisa Favole but still the goalkeeper says no. Bosi proved to be insurmountable by stopping an attempt to restart the landlord. At 18 'magic of the youngest of the sisters Fables that controls a ball that seems impossible, overcomes an opponent with a sombrero and opens on the left for Moretti who puts the ball to 2 meters from the door where Barbieri is ready to achieve, after a first half sacrificed with retreats in an attempt to open central gates to comrades as the direct opponent follows her everywhere and the other central plays a few meters behind the line. Immediately after we try again on a cross of Stefania Favole: plastic flight of the goalkeeper who cancels the attempt. After an aerial attempt by Bosi, the Aglianese wins a free-kick that Bini kicks to the side with Campanino who controls the trajectory.
Sosso tries to realize after jumping an opponent and not a free partner in the center area.
Campanino shows that he is in the field with an exit with his feet outside the area to stop an attempt by the landlord.
At the 36 'D'Ancona frees his way and puts in the middle for Trapani on which Sacchi is still ready but must surrender to the conclusion of Barbieri. Try Bosi: the conclusion deflected by a defender displaces the goalkeeper but ends just to the side.
At the 41 'goal of the former and certainly the most beautiful of the day. Illuminating opening by Annalisa Favole, who draws D'Ancona on the short right side of the area. Steer and return to the center with a triangle that Barbieri closes promptly freeing it to the limit. There is no passage for the conclusion and then leads the ball to the left. Suddenly hurls a left-handed man who literally lifts the cobwebs from the intersection of the opposite poles. Fly the goalkeeper but the conclusion is too dry and precise.
After the break for the Easter holidays (best wishes to all our fans and supporters from the technical staff, management and athletes) new trip on the island of Maddalena Caprera guests who after the defeat of today is more than ever entangled in hot area of ​​the ranking. The 19 leave the home audience against Alexandria.


REAL AGLIANESE: Sacchi, Lamparelli, Qafoku, Mannucci, Alyai, Bonacchi, Secchi, Bini, Bugiani, Mariani, Delvisci. All. Esposito 12 Carrozzo

LUSERNA: Campanino, Favole Stefania (from 33 st Boggio), Bosi, Curcio, Falbo, Trapani, D'Ancona, Moretti (from 23 st Sosso), Barbieri, Spanu (from 7 st Favole Annalisa), Mazzucchetti. All. Zorri. 12 Serafino, 13 Boggio, 14 Fables Annalisa, 15 Felicia, 16 Sosso, 17 Bruno, 18 Massarelli.

REFEREE: Giuseppe Vingo of Pisa.
NETWORKS: 39 pt mallets, Moretti 5 st, Barbers 18 and 36 st, D'Ancona 41 st.

In the photo by Fabio Fazzari and Mara Ramella: Benedetta Mazzucchetti

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Enrico Manassero
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