Saturday, October 19 2019
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A great desire to win

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Battle was expected and battle was. Against the only team that has inflicted a defeat this season, on a field made heavy by the rain fall in the last hours, the biancoblu abandon the foil and hold the broadsword especially after being under a quarter of an hour later. The beginning looks promising for the landlords. On one corner nobody takes advantage of the empty exit of the guest goalkeeper. Immediately after Barbieri kicks from the edge: the ball passes under the goalkeeper plunging into the plunge but ends its trajectory against the base of the pole. One minute more and it's up to Moretti to put it to the side.
Try to be seen the Molassana exploiting the speed of Coppolino and the physical strength of Tortarolo. At the 16 'own Coppolino enters the area from the left and on the contact of Falbo goes to the ground. Penalty that Tortarolo in the race with Erika Moretti for the head of the ranking gunners transforms.
Immediately D'Ancona sends the ball high escaped the goalkeeper. Still a shiver from the left on which Massarelli is good at saving the corner.
They are put aside the play of up and be careful to the point to start from central midfield Trapani and Massarelli that uproot the balls to the opponents in the central zone that is the worst setting. On the Mazzucchetti and D'Ancona bands on the right, Stefania Favole and Moretti on the other side retrieve balls and push without interruption and Spanu and Barbieri bring very high pressure. Behind Falbo and Bosi take measures to the front more committed to defend than to offend.
At 23 'try Bosi on a free kick, the goalkeeper flies to deflect in the corner. A minute later Mazzucchetti has the ball at the limit and discharged under the crossbar. In the last quarter of an hour we have six net chances.
At the 34 'Moretti center from the field of competence, D'Ancona ends up as well as the conclusions of Trapani one side and the second central for the goalkeeper after stealing force ball in three-quarters. Goalkeeper still protagonist on D'Ancona. All this within five minutes.
Let's take a breath for a few minutes before the most sensational occasion: Barbieri turns and kicks in the scrum, on the ball Bosi intervenes but the ball parades on the bottom. At the end of the other deviation of the goalkeeper on Moretti: the referee whistles the end of time without kicking the corner.
Many occasions, great commitment from all but the result is not released.
The recovery begins in the same way with two opportunities not exploited by the couple goals Barbieri - Moretti. At the 5 'Moretti almost always jumps the opponent (the second, the first was able to take only the admonition after three times had tried to take shreds of the shirt when our jumped in speed that is practically always) and puts a ball that just push: Barbieri is a good girl and does not waste. 2 - 1. Sigh of relief also because keeping this pace on this field is not easy. But ours are like sharks when they feel the blood and insist on closing the meeting. Stefania Favole tries to head the keeper's goal and Moretti shaves the pole. D'Ancona is anticipated by the goalkeeper.
At 21 'Olivieri is reached in suspected offside but unbalanced ends to the side.
Two minutes after entering the field, Annalisa Favole collects a rejected defense and puts the ball at the back of the pole. Bruno also enters and she too tries the unlucky conclusion. Then he puts a ball in the middle where Barbieri tries the reverse half for what would be a wonderful goal. The goalkeeper is not surprised. In full recovery after the youngest is also the "differently young" Curcio that surprises the goalkeeper with a conclusion from the edge. It ends with a general dip in the mud under the tribune to which they try to escape, in vain, the technician Zorri and the ds Piano.
Four races at the end and again 4 points ahead on the Dawn. Now two insidious trips against teams involved in the fight for salvation. It starts on Sunday in Agliana and, after the Easter break, in Caprera. Last home engagement the 19 April with Alessandria.

LUSERNA: Campanino, Massarelli, Bosi, Favole Stefania, Falbo, Mazzucchetti, D'Ancona (from 37 st Bruno), Trapani (from 29 st Curcio), Barbieri, Spanu (from 25 st Favole Annalisa), Moretti. All. Zorri. Serafino 12, 13 Boggio, 15 Hippolytum, 16 Sosso.

MOLASSANA BOERO: Carpi, Monti, Pozzo, Manconi, Putti (from 24 st Fernandez), Belloni, De Blasi (from 20 st Calcagno), De Agostini, Coppolino, Tortarolo (from 36 st Cadeddu), Olivieri. All. Berlinghieri. 12 Gadaleta, 16 Repetto.

REFEREE: Francesco Croce of Novara.
NETWORKS: Tortarolo (M) on penalty at 16 pt; Mazzucchetti at the 24 pt; Barbers at the 5 st; Favole Annalisa at the 27 st; Curcio at the 48 st
AMMONITE: Falcon 16 pt; Manconi (M) 35 pt; De Biasi (M) 7 st.

Luserna press office

In the photo above: Serena Curcio
In the photograph below: Annalisa Favole


Enrico Manassero
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