Sunday, 20 October 2019
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Beware of those two

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Those two are Raffaella Barbieri and Erika Moretti (in strict alphabetical order) that in pairs add up almost more networks than years of life. (together 35 networks and 42 years and Raffaella has skipped 5 races).
Of course this is not enough to explain the solitary primacy of the team: the defense has only granted 11 goals to opponents thanks to the filter of the midfield that then triggers the attackers, who are good at making the occasion.
Although not brilliant in the day, the team rules with the most classic of 2-0, despite the obstinate Friendship Lagaccio and stretches sull'Alba defeated in Saluzzo.
The Ligurians start strong at the 3 'try to surprise with Merler whose conclusion ends at the side. At '11' Bargi tries to get in front of Campanino good to put the corner close to the corner.
At the 12 'filtering launch Curcio that cuts off the defense and free Moretti: the diagonal of the attacker gives no way out to the goalkeeper.
It is a strange race where the opponents are positioned in ten behind the line of the ball and then start again with long throws to jump the midfield. For our part an unusual inability to set the maneuver on the wings, in particular on one.
At the 21 'Barbieri is contracted at the time of the conclusion. On the corner of Bosi's flight saved on the line. On the Lagaccio's reply Mazzucchetti is to untangle the situation that could become critical.
A conclusion from the limit of the Ligurians finds Campanino ready to grip.
At 36 'Spanu tries to close on his own but can not finish after missing three opponents. At the end again Spanu frees himself and puts in the middle for Moretti that according to the referee controls with his hand.
The recovery follows the lines of the first half with the Ligurians always busy closing spaces to start off guard. Between the 15 'and the 20' two opportunities not exploited by the Ligurian forward.
At half an hour four months after the injury suffered just in Genoa and three from the car crash Stefania Favole enters, returning D'Ancona to the role of outside high right after that in this period has disengaged in the role of Stefania with great self-denial and excellent results. Three consecutive corner kicks highlighting the ability of the goalkeeper Albezzano capable of opposing two short-distance finishes.
At the 38 'on a raise from the back D'Ancona stretches head for Barbieri who jumps the goalkeeper out, resist the return of a defender and settles on the net.
Today there is no poison in the queue, on the contrary. Annalisa Favole also returns, showing herself already in good condition with a couple of unmarked throws and going to recover the ball in midfield. Two extra pawns for the season finale certainly difficult and exciting. In the post race the news of the defeat of the Alba that brings us to 4 points of advantage. Now feet well planted on the ground to face all the opponents to the maximum because everyone is keen to beat the first.
Sunday back home against the other Genoese of Molassana Boero who have so far been the only ones to defeat us. Appointment at 15.

This training is deployed today:
Campanino, Massarelli (from 38 st Trapani), Bosi, Curcio, Falbo, Sosso (from 30 st Favole Stefania), D'Ancona, Moretti (from 39 st Favole Annalisa), Barbieri, Spanu, Mazzucchetti. All. Zorri. 12 Serafino, 13 Boggio, 17 Bruno.

NETWORKS: Moretti 12 pt; Barbers 39 st
REFEREE: Puccetti di Viareggio.

It ends with a win the spring training championship of Mr. Dall'Aglio, also victorious for 2 - 0 in Alessandria. Championship that ends with a single defeat on the field with two points from the Alba. A season however more than positive given the total re-foundation started at the beginning of the season and with future prospects more than rosy evaluated the young age of the protagonists Surely next year will give us more satisfactions even higher than those of this season.
This is the formation that has established itself in Alexandria: Parpauta (from 44 st Capuano), Ippolito, Capello (from 26 st Archina), Felizia, Baccino, Aimetti, Tamburini (from 33 st Marocco), Ara, Scarpelli (from 40 st Tedeschi ), Bonanno, Gonnet. All. Of garlic. 16 Puglisi, 17 Calabrese.
NETWORKS: Hippolytus 33 pt; Bonanno 10 st.
REFEREE: Daci di Alessandria
EXPULSE: Gonnet to the 28 st for double caution.

Luserna press office

In the photo above: Raffaella Barbieri
In the photograph below: Erika Moretti


Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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