Tuesday, May 26 2020
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Stratospheric Musiello Saluzzo!

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Stratospheric Musiello Saluzzo! Alba bows 2-1 under the blows of Francesca Mellano.
A derby can be of three types: boring from 0-0 with teams careful not to find out, boring but solved by a spell of a single or spectacular and open to any result. The challenge between Musiello Saluzzo and Alba staged at the 'Damiano' undoubtedly belongs to the latter category. A race played on a playground steeped in heavy rains but which did not skimp important phrasing between two extremely prepared formations dedicated to elaborate play.
Mister Roberto Panigari opts for his classic 4-4-2 with Triolo between the posts, rearguard formed by Drammis, Del Gaudio, Anselmo and Tosetto, in the middle of the Graziotto, Bianco, Civalleri and Mellano field behind the Soragni-Paoletti couple. Answers coach Genovesio with the 4-2-3-1: Federica Russo among the poles, defensive package with Ballocco, Greppi, Ludovica Russo and Lavarone, in the median Ambrosi and Pisano, only Luciano tip supported behind the trio Cattaneo-Montecucco-Barberis .
Immediately after the guests turn just a turn of the clock touch the network with Luciano diagonally. The response of the landlord does not wait: Soragni collects a ball at the edge of the area and kicking the power finding the opposition of the rearguard, the ball rears up and the player from Saluzzo starts again at the end being unbalanced by Russo who does not commit infractions.
The girls of Mr. Panigari take confidence and the 16 'touch the lead again with Paoletti trying the lob on Russo, but Lavarone saves the result. On the consequent corner kick beaten by Mellano White stands out that sends a little to the side. The Alba, however, is not intimidated and tries to respond: Cattaneo flies to the right but the conclusion of the outside albese ends high on the crossbar, a few minutes later, captain Barbara Luciano leaves a missile launching just outside the door mirror. The race is pleasant and the reversals in front are frequent and the Musiello Saluzzo tries until the interval: first Graziotto, escaped on the offside line, is hypnotized by Russo while just at the end Paoletti, well catered by Tosetto, find the extreme defender host to wall it.
The recovery the Alba starts with greater leverage and, after a shot by Pisano to the side, takes the lead with Cattaneo who collects a loose ball at the edge of the area and beats Triolo with a precise right hand. The landlords do not collapse and further raise the pace in pursuit of a draw that comes to 18 ': punishment from the median, the bank of Soragni for Mellano that gets rid of the shot and with a strong and precise conclusion deposits the ball where Russo can not get . The race is inflamed further and the public in the stands (150 people around) appreciates. Luciano engages Triolo from the edge but the home keeper controls in two stages. On the opposite side of the field the players from Saluzzo do not give up and at the 25 'comes the network that detonates the' Damiano ': Mellano steals ball to Ballocco, tackles Greppi and leaves a missile that bends the arm to Russo and goes off in bottom bag sacking the supporters green and white. The Alba proves to be a great team and tries in every way to regain at least the draw but the conclusions of Moscia and Luciano do not frame the mirror of the door. The Saluzzesi, however, trying to close the race on the counterattack with Paoletti and Graziotto missing the target. The final whistle is the riot for the landlords who break the derby and continue their 'magic moment' bringing to fourteen the number of consecutive useful results won. The Alba, however, sees the Luserna run away in the standings + 4: the run-up to Serie A is difficult.


MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Drammis, Del Gaudio, Anselmo, Bianco (18'st Gilli), Tosetto, Mellano, Soragni, Paoletti, Civalleri, Graziotto. Available: Malosti, Olivo, Giordano, Chialvo, Minetti. All: Panigari

SUNRISE: Russo F., Ballocco (40'st Zabellan), Lavarone (26'st Delodi), Ambrosi, Greppi, Russo L., Pisano, Luciano, Cattaneo (33'st Moscia), Montecucco, Barberis. Available: Dogliani, Casetta, Mascarello, Gallo. All: Genovesio

MARKERS: 6'st Cattaneo (A), 18'st Mellano (MS), 25'st Mellano (MS)
NOTES: Ammonita Barberis

Source: Ideawebtv.it Sports Editor

In the photograph: Francesca Mellano

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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