Monday, 17th October 2016
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Turin - Femm. Sunrise

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The pursuit of the summit continues and the girls of Mr. Dilej / Genovesio storm San Maurizio Canavese with a tennis 6-0 to the detriment of Turin.
Alba appeared in the field with a returning Vanessa Lavarone after a two-week stop due to injury, but she had to do without Montecucco, who stopped in the pits due to back pain. The defensive line is formed by Gallo, Russo L., Greppi and Ballocco with Delodi at rest for turn over, the midfield, orphaned by Barberis disqualified, is formed by Ambrosi and Mascarello with Catteneo and Lavarone on the wings, forward Luciano and Pisano.
After only 20 'Alba took the lead with Cattaneo, lest to reiterate the ball thrown by Pisano on the crossbar on a free kick first from the edge of the area.
Until the end of the first half the Alba continues to create, above all with Lavarone who repeatedly shows up in front of the extreme defender but is always left on the left and the conclusions are blocked without problems from the extreme defender.
At the 40 'Alba doubles with Mascarello who closes a triangulation with Luciano and just entered the area beats to the net of the right outside putting the ball to the corner.
At the end of the first half, Capitan Luciano signed the 3-0 with a low shot from the edge of the area that leaves no way out to Bounani.
In the second half Mr. Genovesio replaces Lavarone with Moscia and after 16 'Cattaneo with Zabellan but the "music" does not change and after only 12 minutes Mascarello, launched to the net with the tachometer from Pisano, beats for the fourth time the extreme defender grenade signs his personal double.
At the 30 'Captain Luciano does not want to be outdone and signs the 5-0 and his personal shotgun.
They spend only ten minutes and also Pisano stamps the card and with a nice solitary action on the left wing, discards to return the direct opponent and lightens with a left low shot the innocent Bounani.
It seems finished but Pisano is landed in the area at the 90 'from Aghem; although injured at the ankle two minutes before, the whole team invites Carlotta Moscia to the penalty and finally find the goal after six months away from the field due to an injury. Carlotta kicks angled displacing the goalkeeper but the ball ends by a breath to the side.
The referee decrees the end of the match and the final final whistle establishes the result of 0-6.
On Sunday the Albanians will see it with the Lagaccio Friendship which has just come back from a good period of form and results.

Female Alba: Russo F., Ballocco, Russo L., Ambrosi, Greppi (70 'Casetta), Gallo, Pisano, Luciano, Cattaneo (61' Zabellan), Mascarello, Lavarone (46 'Moscia). At the disposal of Mr. Genovesio: Cazzato, Dogliani, Aloi and Montecucco.

Turin: Bounani, Nigro, Sorleto (75 'Giannone), Aghem, Malara, Nicco, Lupo, Rinero (37' Sottil), Ponzio, Grassino (61 'Pancaldi), Crisantino. Coach: Nicco

Massimo Montecucco (Alba Women's Press Officer)


Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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