Saturday, November 16 2019
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A winning weekend on all fronts

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11Spanu Morena

All the Luserna women's teams are victorious.
In chronological order, spring begins on Saturday with a round 3 - 0 against the Cit Turin. The scorers are Scarpelli (double) and Bonanno. Good viaticum in view of the last three qualifying rounds of the national phase. Saturday against the leaders Juventus on the field of this last and Saturday 7 on the field friend of Luserna against the eternal rivals of the Dawn. We are sure that the commitment will be maximum to reach the coveted goal. From now on however a praise to all the young protagonists and to the staff that has brought 5 of them to the debut in series B and one to the convocation in the National under 17.
Yesterday the very young women imposed themselves in the tournament organized by the Invest. After the first meeting that sees Inter impose 3 - 0 on Alessandria, it is up to the very young biancoblu to face the Lombards. The result does not allow discussions with our success for 4 - 1. In the last decisive meeting with the new Alexandria success for 3 - 1.
The networks are made by Schirru and Gonnet (2 each), Eletto, Masu and Botta. But it would not be fair to forget all the other protagonists and I am sure that they will not have the main team's protagonists wrong if I steal them a bit of space, citing the protagonists who will guarantee a safe future for the company. Starting with Dell'Aglio and D'Ancona technicians to continue with Calabrese, Marocco, Orlando, Archina, Baccino, Ara, Tamburini, Aimetti, Scarpelli, Parpauta, Palano, Gallerati, Ferrero, Reggio, Pirozzi.
We come to the transfer of the first team in Tuscany. Meanwhile, the return of Zorri, after more than a year, of goalkeeper Chiara Serafino.
The Tuscans are tough and physically strong adversaries, and at the first leg they snatched a point from Luserna.
The first half is in fact opened and fought with opportunities on both sides.
The first is at 8 'for the landlords but ends at the bottom. The reply is entrusted to Sosso: the diagonal has no luck. Between the 23 'and the 25' double duel Mastalli-Campanino. On the first safe parade of the white-blue goalkeeper. On the second the far defender manages to deflect the authentic broadside just enough to send it against the crossbar. Prompt and immediate the reply entrusted to Barbieri that also bypasses the goalkeeper but the touch is too soft and a free defender. At 34 'Baldi is still good on two close conclusions. Campanino immediately responds by turning a corner born of a lost ball into a corner. Almost at the end, another opportunity for Barbieri: a postponement by the goalkeeper beats the attacker who is unable to control at best. The ball seems already in the hands of the goalkeeper who loses it: Barbieri's conclusion ends on the side.
At the beginning of the second half Morucci is free on the left in an excellent position Mazzucchetti is great in the diagonal closing. The race becomes nervous with many clashes in the middle of the pitch and ours doesn't seem to find the key to the problem.
At the 24 'Spanu, who also sacrificed himself in recovering many balls and now acts more advanced, frees himself to the right and from no more than three meters from the bottom line starts a conclusion that surprises the excellent goalkeeper.
At the 33 'Mazzucchetti launches in depth for Morena who ends up doubling on the fly. Five minutes later, Moretti throws a high ball into the middle of which a defender jumps into the air and finds Spanu again who, from a central position, signs the third personal goal.
Before the end, with the landlords now on their knees, there are still two opportunities not exploited by Barbieri and Moretti.
The classification remains unchanged with the pursuers Alba at one point and Oristano at six but with a race to be recovered. Just the sardines are expected Sunday in Luserna with expected start at 15. Opponent hostile unanimously considered on the eve as one of the candidates for the promotion if not "the" favorite. In addition to some prominent individuals, the presence on the bench of Manuela Tesse who has already led Torres to the conquest of the title is the companion of many battles in blue with our Tatiana Zorri. On the way to the end of a super performance we won. It will be a very tight race but with the team spirit and the determination shown so far it is with the help of the public that we hope there will be no goal. Sunday 8 rest. The 15 travels to Genoa against the Lagaccio Friendship. Missing 7 races at the end and we will have to face them as 7 final.

Formation lined up yesterday: Campanino, Massarelli, Bosi, Boggio, Falbo, Trapani, Bruno (from 9 'st Moretti), Sosso (from 21 St Curcio), Barbieri (from 45 st Felizia), Spanu, Mazzucchetti. Allor Zorri. 12 Serafino, 14 Ippolito, 15 Puglisi.

NETWORKS: Spanu at the 24 '33' and 38 'all in the second half.
REFEREE: Emanuele Frascaro of Florence

Luserna press office

In the photograph: Morena Spanu

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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