Sunday, November 17 2019
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Draw for the Luserna

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After eight consecutive victories that have earned the head of the standings, half a domestic misstep of Luserna in the internal match against Musiello Saluzzo.
On the "neutral" synthetic of Venaria, given the impractical due to the snow in the Luserna field, for the third time in the season is the "derby" with the historic rivals saluzzesi of the two regional championships.
The opponents face off against each other. Paoletti tries after five minutes: the ball ends at the side. The replica of Sosso is diverted into the corner. At the 20 'test Tosetto the defense replies the conclusion.
The landlords have logically more initiative with a willful Moretti who engages duels in speed with his direct opponent. The guests ready to leave with the raids by Mellano and Soragni.
At the end of the umpteenth point in speed, Moretti finds time and space to put in the middle of the area. Sosso is ready for the appointment and impacts the ball but too central giving way to the young goalkeeper to repulse in some way. Sosso is there and puts inside. Not even the time to savor the joy that Musiello equalized: after an action on the right the ball reaches the limit in a central position where Soragni is very quick to start a poisonous shot on which nothing can Campanino and sign the 1 to 1.
At half an hour Moretti frees Barbieri in front of the goalkeeper who in the exit rejects the conclusion from a short distance. The first half ends with a couple of dubious episodes in the guest area.
The recovery begins with a conclusion by part. At the eighth we try from the Mellano limit, Campanino controls. At the 10 'Barbieri tries to wrench in the middle and Giordano to stop it does not find any better than to hit her in full face by spreading her arm. Inescapable expulsion and from here on it will be a siege in search of the victory network with Saluzzo who withdraws in his own half of the field, closing the spaces. Despite this, several opportunities are created with the sgroppate of Mazzucchetti and Sosso on the one hand, Moretti and D'Ancona on the other and Spanu who are several at three quarters on the whole front. The steps and conclusions today are not as precise as usual is when it succeeds stands the protagonist of the opposing goalkeeper. In particular at 34 'when he literally flies to divert a violent conclusion on the fly of Moretti and 43' when he rejects a conclusion from a short distance. In the middle of many untapped opportunities but football is done like this: when it does not want to enter it does not enter.
Strong doubts for a penalty not allowed for a goalkeeper exit on Moretti. While the ball ends without deviations on the bottom, our attacker is overwhelmed by the goalkeeper.
So much so. The ranking still says Luserna first even if Alba and Oristano are under. Now turn the page and focus on the Castelfranco away on Sunday and the meeting on March 1 with Oristano. The meeting with the islands is scheduled at 15,00.
On both occasions we count on supporting as many supporters as possible to resume the race to the final goal.
This is the eleven lineup in Venaria: Campanino, Falbo, Bosi, Curcio (from 1 st Massarelli), Trapani, Mazzucchetti, D'Ancona, Sosso (from 31 st Bruno), Barbieri, Spanu, Moretti. 12 Camarchio, 13 Boggio, 14 Felicia. All. Zorri.
NETWORKS: Sosso at 24 'and Soragni at 28' pt
REFEREE: Andrea Gatti from Gallarate
AMMONITE: Massarelli and Mellano
ESPULSE: D'Ancona for a second yellow card and Giordano.

Meanwhile, good news from the young people of the spring that are imposed under the snow in Cuneo and taking advantage of the defeat of Alba with Juventus, bypasses the Langhe in the standings. Direct confrontation, probably decisive in Luserna Saturday 7 March.
These are the victorious girls in Cuneo: Perotti, Marocco (from 25 st Nicola), Archina, Baccino, Ippolito, Ara, Pasquariello (from 49 st Tedeschi), Tamburini (from 5 st Bonanno), Scarpelli, Puglisi, Gonnet. 12 Calabrese. All. Of garlic
NETWORK: 10 st. Shoes

Luserna press office

In the photograph: Alice Sosso

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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