Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Femm. Alba - Castelfranco

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Continue the run-up on Luserna leaders and after the fifth day the Feminine Alba sees the distance from the summit to a single point thinner thanks to the victory over the Castelfranco and the draw of the Luserna between walls friendly with the "cousins" of Musiello Saluzzo.

Mr. Genovesio relies on the module last Sunday with the only variants of Massa to replace Russo Ludovica disqualified and Cattaneo instead of Mascarello, back from two games with the National Under17 week.
The defensive line sees deployed Delodi, Gallo, Greppi and Massa, in midfield Ambrosi and Barberis with offensive Cattaneo and Montecucco offensive and forward Pisano and Luciano.
The Castelfranco, always a taboo team for the Albanians, shows some defections of training for injuries but immediately understand that he did not come to Alba to defend himself.
The dawn begins well with excellent phrasing and propositions on the bands with Montecucco and Cattaneo looking for the door with shots from distance with Luciano, Pisano and Gallo.
At the quarter of an hour the real first chance is Montecucco who, on a free kick from the edge, sends a little to the side, bypassing the barrier.
At half an hour, Alba takes the lead; Luciano flies alone with the solitary action towards the Tuscan door, but instead of pulling he prefers to serve the compelling Montecucco that with an easy tap-in deposits the deserved advantage on the net.
The first half ends with the Castelfranco who tries to react vehemently by engaging a Federica Russo today unbeatable that right on the timeline denies the draw with a powerful blow to raise on the crossbar an insidious lob of the good Mastalli.
The second half sees the two teams facing each other openly but you have to wait for the 65 'when Montecucco, in solitary percussion from the left jumps the direct opponent, points the last defender, wins the rebound, try a first lob to the goalkeeper who para but not holds and from the ground, the same Montecucco deposits online.
The Castelfranco disunites and then the Albesi find the right spaces, first with Luciano at 70 ', which, served at the limit from Montecucco, puts a torpedo of his own at the low left corner, and then with Pisano, who at the 90' removed the cobweb right in the door of the Scalese last Sunday, the takes away on the left of Castelfranco with a shot of about twenty meters on which Baldi can not get.
The result is heavy but does not detract from the performance of Castelfranco, however well-ordered and with good individuality and a collective deserving of a higher ranking.
To underline the entry into the field at the 75 'of Carlotta Moscia that after the debut with the Scalese, definitely puts in oblivion the knee injury and is seen to deny by Baldi two excellent shots resulting from two actions thrusting on the left.
Appointment next Sunday on the ground of Torino CF to continue the run on the leaders Luserna.

Feminine Alba: Russo F., Massa (60 'Ballocco), Delodi, Ambrosi, Greppi, Gallo, Pisano, Luciano (40' St Zabellan), Cattaneo (75 'Moscia), Montecucco, Barberis (65' Aloi). At the disposal of Mr. Paolo Genovesio: Olivetti, Lavarone, Mascarello, Dogliani.

Castelfranco: Baldi, Pantani, Doni (46 'Di Guglielmo), Bachi, Montesi, Caucci, Morucci, Pantani, Menicucci, Salvini, Mastalli. Available to Mr. Marco Boldrini: Landi, Galluzzi, Di Lupo Prugna, Acuti Meropini.

Massimo Montecucco (Alba Women's Press Officer)


Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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