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Luserna - Musiello Saluzzo

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With a draw for 1-1 the big match of the 18 day of the Serie B championship ends between the leaders Luserna and the Musiello Saluzzo. On the synthetic field of Venaria Reale there is a competition full of twists, agonism and good game worthy of the category.

The landlords under the orders of Tathiana Zorri take the field with an offensive 4-2-3-1 with Campanino between the posts, in defense Mazzucchetti, Bosi, Falbo and D'Ancona, in the middle of the Curcio and Trapani, the only point Barbers supported by the trident Moretti-Spanu-Sosso.
On the opposite side of the field the girls of coach Panigari who opts for a classic 4-4-2: Malosti in the door, back package composed by Drammis, Del Gaudio, Giordano and Ansemo, median line formed by Mellano, Bianco, Civalleri and Tosetto shoulders of the Paoletti-Soragni duo.
The start of the race is vibrant. Paoletti and Sosso warm their hands to their opponents' goalkeepers in the first minutes of play. At 17 ', however, is Trapani to try his luck from the distance by finding Malosti careful to deviate into the corner. The Musiello Saluzzo immediately responds with Tosetto who is alone in front of Campanino, kicking to the side from a good position. At the 24 'balance breaks: Moretti skips Drammis on the left and, reached the bottom, puts in the center for the compelling Sosso that first shoots on Malosti and then finds the winning touch with a comfortable tap in. The Saluzzesi do not break up and rush forward finding the net of a draw a few minutes later with Soragni good to turn in a handkerchief in the penalty area by beating diagonally Campanino. The first-half final is characterized by balance without particular emotions and with the teams fearful of exposing themselves.

In the second half the pace rises again: Moretti, just a few steps, finds an extraordinary response from Malosti, while on the opposite side of Campanino he is a good guard on the conclusion from the limit of Mellano. At the 10 'the episode that breaks the race: Giordano goes in contrast with Barbieri who falls to the ground. The race director sanctions the wide arm of the player from Saluzzo that ends prematurely in the shower. The inertia of the race inevitably passes in the hands of the Luserna that raises the center of gravity without succeeding, however, to build particular goal actions. At the 28 ', indeed, are the guests to graciously touch the goal of the advantage with Civalleri that on a free-kick calls to the miracle the host defender. With the passing of the minutes Zorri's girls take the field and at 33 'claim a penalty for a contact between Malosti and Moretti not recognized by the referee. The end of the race is hot: D'Ancona and Massarelli try their luck from distance without bothering Malosti while Bruno from good position does not frame the door. In full recovery also D'Ancona ends in the shower for a second yellow card. The final whistle to cheer is the Saluzzesi who make a real business by stopping the leaders despite the numerical inferiority and doing a favor to the dawn that sees the summit to a single length.


LUSERNA: Campanino, Falbo, Bosi, Curcio (1'st Massarelli), Trapani, Mazzucchetti, D'Ancona, Sosso (31'st Bruno), Barbieri, Spanu, Moretti. Available: Camarchio, Boggio, Felizia. All: Zorri

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Malosti, Drammis, Anselmo, Del Gaudio, Bianco, Tosetto, Soragni, Mellano (46'st Gilli), Paoletti (36'st Chialvo), CIvalleri, Giordano. A disp: Triolo, Goletto, Beccaria. All: Panigari

MARKERS: 24'pt Sosso (L), 28'pt Soagni (MS)
NOTES: Ammonite D'Ancona. Giordano (10'st) for non-regulatory behavior and (49'st) D'Ancona for double caution

Source: Sports Editor

In the photograph: Deborah Soragni

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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