Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Scalese - Femm. Sunrise

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It was already known that the match against Scalese in San Miniato was difficult and hard, but Mr. Jacopo Bertini of Lucca has made it even tougher by leaving the Alba in ten after only seven minutes of play.
But let's start from the beginning. Mr Genovesio has to do without Lavarone and at the last minute also Ballocco, Massa, Dogliani, Casetta and Aloi forfeit their influence. The defensive line remains almost unchanged with Gallo, Ludovica Russo, Greppi and Delodi, midfield in the hands of Ambrosi and Barberis, on the two bands Montecucco and Mascarello, Pisano midfielder and Luciano is the only one to bet.
La Scalese, in relation to the first leg goes to Benedetta Fenili in the offensive department to help Colzi and the actions develop immediately with long throws to overtake the midfield on the fast Colzi that, just in the seventh minute, taken on the offside line finds himself in the middle a Gallo and Russo Ludovica and ends up on the ground. The foul is evident as it is evident the direct red that the "protagonist of the day", Jacopo Bertini from Lucca, "waves" to Russo Ludovica and so the Dawn remains in ten for the rest of the game.
And it is at this point that L'Alba does not get upset, on the contrary it becomes even more compact, rediscovering the game and the determination that seemed lost in the last games; Ambrosi recedes on the defensive and the midfield passes into the hands of Luciano and Barberis, the bands at Pisano and Mascarello and Montecucco on the vertex of attack.
The referee and the linesmen are not on the day and the decisions displease both sides but the "pearl of the day" happens when Federica Russo collects a ball on the edge of the area and according to Mr. Bertini is out: Federica Russo warned and punishment is on the edge of the area: captain Luciano asks the race director for explanations and hears him answer: "move away otherwise I spit in your face" (we believe that women's football does not need certain "pearls" ).
D'Antoni takes charge of the serve and Federica Russo removes the ball from the bottom corner to her right.
But here comes the 30 'minute of the first half and Silvia Pisano, after having missed the direct opponent, kicks a ball that goes into the "seven" on the left of Bava from about twenty meters; is the "liberation" for Silvia, recovering from a bad injury that kept her away from the fields for almost the entire first round.
Mr Ulivieri tries to remedy the situation but the Alba today is really "on the ball" and continually creates a game bringing numerous times Luciano, Mascarello and almost half-time, after Pisano's cross, Montecucco heads a ball which grazes the opposite pole to the left of Bava.
In the second half, the music does not change and the Alba remains compact and becomes even more dangerous with Montecucco, Mascarello, Luciano and with the substitution Cattaneo that taken offside and fed by an omnipresent Barberis is anticipated by Bava on the edge of the area.
The last few minutes see the Scalese arrembante with actions that lead her to exploit set pieces and corners "invented" by the referee triad, always in disagreement on the decisions, but it doesn't matter, Greppi and Russo Federica are good guard and the three points, I think deserved, they keep the Alba solidly in second place three lengths behind leaders Luserna.
At the final whistle, as always happens in the women's fields, handshakes and far-play among the contenders.
In conclusion, it remains to be underlined how Scalese, seen today, does not deserve the current ranking and the "rebirth" of the girls of Genovesio gives optimism to their supporters for the future.

Scalese: Bava, Senese, Bozzi (34's.t. Fortini), D'Antoni, Giatras, Chiorazzo, Cirillo, Spain I., Colzi, Spain S., Fenili. Available to Mr. Renzo Ulivieri: Campigli, Baldi, Ferrari, Salvadori.

Feminine Alba: Russo F., Gallo (32 'st Moscia), Delodi, Ambrosi, Greppi, Russo L., Pisano, Luciano (40' st Zabellan), Montecucco, Mascarelllo (28 'st Cattaneo), Barberis. Available by Mr. Paolo Genovesio: Olivetti, Lavarone, Ballocco.

Massimo Montecucco (Alba Women's Press Officer)

In the photograph above, Ludovica Russo

In the photo below Silvia Pisano


Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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