Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Real Aglianese - Musiello Saluzzo

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Fourth consecutive victory in this beginning 2015 for the Musiello Saluzzo of patron Piera Delgrosso who, after Turin, Amicizia Lagaccio and Caprera, also kroes Real Aglianese. Just a few kilometers from Pistoia, there is a capital race of the Saluzzesi who redeem the defeat of the first leg suffered by the hands of the Bianconeri. A success that puts the first goal of the season on the farm: with the three points conquered at the 'Bellucci', in fact, Chialvo and companions conquer the mathematics permanence in the category.
Mister Roberto Panigari for the occasion deploys a balanced 4-4-2 with Triolo between the poles, defending Drammis, Anselmo, Del Gaudio and Tosetto, in the middle of the field Graziotto, Bianco, Gilli and Mellano behind the couple Paoletti-Soragni. The start of the race is crackling. After an attempt from outside Aliaj, which laps the pole, the Saluzzesi take the initiative in creating the first opportunity of the meeting: Drammis serves in filtering Soragni who turns and unloads in the door finding Sacchi attentive in response. A few moments pass and Gilli from the edge touches the upright to the right of the Tuscan goalkeeper. The landlords lower the center of gravity relying almost exclusively on the verve of Aliaj and Bugiani, well caged by the host rearguard. At the 27 'very occasional for the Musiello Saluzzo with Soragni who retrieves the ball in midfield and flies to the opponent's door once again finding a reactive bag. The Saluzzesi still push on the accelerator and the 31 'before Mellano and then Graziotto see their own walled conclusions from the home rearguard. The net is, however, in the air and arrives at the 33 ': a free kick from the trocar of Anselmo on which he rushes Soragni good to divert into the net, leaving Sacchi stunned. Real Aglianese accuses the blow and falls back to the 41 'when Graziotto from the limit, served by Tosetto, directs the ball into the low corner where the extreme Tuscan defender can not reach. In the end of time bad injury for Bini that falls badly getting a trauma to the neck. An ambulance arrives on the spot carrying the unfortunate player to the emergency room.
In the second half the script does not change absolutely with the landlords on the defensive and the saluzzesi more maneuvers. White and Mellano try from distance without being able to worry Sacchi but the trio of Musiello Saluzzo is around the corner and arrives on time 16 'again with Deborah Soragni who snaps on the offside on Mellano's suggestion mocking the disconsolate Sacchi diagonally. The three points are now mothballs and the Saluzzesi try to put the game to sleep with a good ball, risking only to 40 'when first Mariani, directly from the corner, and then Dervischi call Triolo the answer.


REAL AGLIANESE: Sacchi F., Lamparelli, Palazzo (11'st Darvishi), Pizzarini, Aliaj, Bonacchi, Bini (1'st Qafoku), Puopolo, Bugiani (13'st Rivo), Mariani, Sacchi A .. A disp: Mannucci, Secchi , Ania, Orlandi.

MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Triolo, Drammis (17'st Olivo), Anselmo, Del Gaudio (24'st Giordano), Bianco, Tosetto, Soragni, Mellano (36'st Goletto), Paoletti, Gilli, Graziotto. Available: Malosti, Delmonte, Civalleri. All: Panigari

MARKERS: 33'pt Soragni (MS), 41'pt Graziotto (MS), 16'st Soragni (MS)

Source: Sports Editor

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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