Sunday, November 17 2019
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Femm. Alba - Ligorna

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The Alba resumed the race after the defeat of Luserna and, with a suffered 4-2, is right of the leathery Ligornia, taillight of the tournament but not for this compliant.
Due to the heavy absences of Luciano, Lavarone and Mascarello, Mr. Genovesio is forced to shuffle the cards, launching the convalescents Pisano and Zabellan from the first minute, but the approach to the biancazzurre competition is soft and is evidently still affected by the slag lost game 7 days ago. With the guests well closed in their half the langarole fail to develop their usual game, relying mainly on unproductive long throws that are always easy prey to the host rearguard. At the 26 ° the Ligornia goes by surprise in the lead, with a nice shot from the center of the area that surprises the innocent Russian and the net throws the landlord into a panic, who from there until the end of time makes themselves live only with Montecucco and Zabellan, without, however, bothering the extreme defender too much. In the interval the walls of the Albese locker room tremble, Mr. Genovesio backed by Dilej evidently makes itself heard and so at the resumption of play the Alba unlocks itself mentally and gives life to another match: at the 56 ° the Montecucco frees the Cattaneo with a nice filtering passage and the latter manages to pass the outgoing goalkeeper for the 1-1; at the 61 ° Zabellan returns to the net on action after about two years and with a dry right from outside the area realizes the 2-1 which means overtaking. At the 71 ° the Alba closes the practice with Montecucco, perhaps the best in the field that, unmarked by Pisano, leaves no way out for the opposing goalkeeper except to repeat himself at the 85 ° when, on the Casetta's fine cross, he stops in the area and pulls, realizing the 4-1 and the personal one-two. At the end the guests have a start and on a rapid restart they surprise the local defense and the Russo, overcome by a winning lob for the final 4-2.
Except for the first time, too bad to be true, good indications for the coach Genovesio come from the re-entering Pisano and Zabellan, surely two more weapons in the long sprint from here to the end of the tournament that will see the Albesi engaged against the Luserna, to the search for the first position which means series A.
Female Alba: F. Russo, L. Russo, Massa (81 ° Dogliani), Barberis, Greppi, Gallo, Pisano, Zabellan (65 ° Ambrosi), Cattaneo (73 ° Casetta), Aloi, Montecucco. Available to Genovesio / Dilej: Cazzato, Ballocco, Delodi, Mascarello.

Filippo Cervella

In photography: Arianna Montecucco

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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