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After two high-adrenaline-hot Sundays, a quieter Sunday that contains emotions in the first half hour.

The Scalese of the technician Renzo Ulivieri, shows only 13 effective, while the landlords in addition to the two sisters Favole and Barbieri convalescents from the incident two weeks ago, must also renounce to Bruno and bring Campanino and Falbo slightly stepped on the bench .
The Luserna decided to immediately start the race. Between the second and third, the conclusions of Trapani, Moretti and Sosso are not lucky.
Scalese has a reaction between the eighth and the 12 '. On the first occasion the host striker manages to get to the area where he finds the unsurpassed wall of the valleys and on the second Panicucci pulls to the side.
At this point, pushed on the lanes by D'Ancona and Mazzuchetti and the central plungers Massarelli and Trapani that support the playmaker Curcio and Spanu free to follow the inspiration to launch forward Sosso and Moretti without giving up the actions and personal conclusions. In the rear Bosi and Ippolito keep a good guard in front of the careful Camarchio, today in the field from the beginning.
At the quarter of an hour, the general test of the goal with Spanu whose shot ends to the side.
A minute later assists Spanu for Moretti whose diagonal conclusion kisses the opposite pole before ending on the net without leaving the goalkeeper to leave. At 24 'Trapani is the bank to Spanu who is anticipated in the area. The referee, however, has seen a foul at the limit and commands a punishment. On the violent conclusion of Spanu the goalkeeper puts a piece, but must capitulate on the tapin of Sosso.

Two conclusions of Spanu and Moretti have no luck while at the 29 'Panicucci is stopped by a recovery of Mazzuchetti: on the football from the flag the conclusion ends on the side.
On the referral, on the crossbar at half height from the right of Mazzuchetti the bomber Moretti pounced with the right in half turn anticipating the defender and putting the seal on the race.
A conclusion by Fenili and Curcio close the first half.
In the second half Scalese deploys the goalkeeper between the posts by sending the goalkeeper in the first half in midfield in place of the injured Daidone. The landlords are in full control, against the guests who can not create major dangers apart from a conclusion by D'Antoni on the side, Panicucci anticipated by the goalkeeper and Fenici in the corner. On the other hand Luserna creates other 8 chances from the net but the conclusions of Massarelli (twice), Trapani, Mazzuchetti, Spanu, D'Ancona, Puglisi and Curcio do not find the target and one of his two Moretti captures the pole negating the triplet. There is time in the last 10-12 minutes for the debut of 95 class midfielder Angela Natale.
Sunday transfer to Genoa against the rear light Ligorna and return between the walls of friends 1 Sunday in the "derby" against Turin.
A big good luck to the very young Valentina Puglisi that tomorrow will go to Coverciano to respond to the call in the national under 17
The company thanks the Brescia Calcio Femminile for the hospitality and hospitality reserved for one of our youth representatives, hoping to be able to reciprocate soon. For the record, the race ended with the success of the Swallows for 5 - 1.
The company also thanks all those (companies, card holders and simple enthusiasts) for the demonstrations of affection and sympathy towards the three girls who were involved in the car accident two weeks ago. Now they have all returned home.

LUSERNA: Camarchio Giulia, Massarelli, Bosi, Curcio, Ippolito, Trapani (from 22 st Puglisi), D'Ancona, Sosso (from 9 st Boggio), Moretti, Spanu (from 34 st Christmas), Mazzuchetti. All. Zorri. 12 Campanino 15 Falbo.

SCALESE: Bava, Spain Irene, Spain Silvia, D'Antoni, Jadras, Chiolazzo, Cirillo, Daidone (from 1 St Campigli), Panicucci, Cucchiara, Fenili. All. Ulivieri. 13 Ferrari.

REFEREE: Luca Papa of Milan
NETWORKS: Moretti at 16 'and 33' pt; Sosso at 26 'pt.

Luserna press office

In the photo Carlotta Ippolito

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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