Saturday, October 19 2019
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Alexandria - Luserna

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Luserna Auguri

What's more the temperature that does not exceed the 5 degrees combined with a strong humidity, the girls of Luserna immediately run a chill ice cream along the back of their fans.

The clock did not complete the third lap when a back pass as many bounces mocking in front of the goalkeeper overtaking him and ending his run at the back of the net.
The reaction is furious but not very clear and in a couple of occasions the Alexandria counterattack is close to doubling.
Although in a disordered way, from the 20 'the Luserna takes over the reins of the game forcing the landlords in their own half. After a network canceled in Spanu for obvious offside, we arrive at the turning point of the race. At the 37 'Barbieri is presented in front of the good goalkeeper of the landlord and at the time of concluding is hooked by an opponent defender. The referee decrees penalty and red for the foul. After a minute D'Ancona turns coldly displacing the goalkeeper.
At the 43 'always D'Ancona reached the bottom puts the ball in the middle of the area where Spanu arrives that all alone square the ball under the crossbar.
Before the interval, the Alessandria coach is also expelled.
At the beginning of the recovery the valleys press on the accelerator and finally close the race with the award winning club Barbieri - Moretti.
At '11' Barbieri receives at the limit is free of the defender and strikes the goalkeeper. A minute later Moretti pushed to the left: on the first violent conclusion the goalkeeper put a piece but the ball came back right on the feet of the attacker who did not forgive.
At 34 'absolute debut for Bonanno 98 class.
The evening ended at the "AI 4 ASSI" pizzeria in Turin for the classic exchange of greetings and gifts.
Sunday 11 January at Bertolotti Luserna clash at the top with the dawn that still leads the standings with three points ahead of us. We trust on the support of all fans.
The preparation will continue on the days of the 23 / 27 / 28 / 29 December and 2 / 3 / 4 and 6 January.

ALEXANDRIA: Marinello. Christmas. Pellegrini. Devecchi. Marinoni. Barbesino. Mantuano (from 1 st Amorim de Sousa). Zella (from 39 st Luison). Violin (from 1 st Minato). Amandola. Lazzaroni. All. Canton. 12 France. 13 Beloved.

LUSERNA: Campanino. Falbo. Bosi. Curcio. Mazzuchetti (from 22 st Boggio). Massarelli. D'Ancona. Fables Annalisa. Barbers (from 27 st Bruno). Spanu. Moretti (from 34 st Bonanno). 12 Camarchio. 14 Puglisi 15 Felicia 18 Hippolytus.

REFEREE: Sonetti of Genoa
NETWORKS: authorize Falbo to 3 'pt .; D'Ancona (penalty) to 39 pt; Spanu at the 43 'pt; Barbers at the 11 st; Moretti at the 12 st
EXPULSE: Christmas at 38 pt and the alexandria technician at 48 pt.
AMMONITE: Devecchi 34 pt; Mazzuchetti at 16 st

Managers, technicians and players of the Luserna women's formations offer the best wishes for happy holidays to the members of the Italian women's football family belonging to each category and to all fans.

Luserna press office

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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