Thursday, 6th October 2016
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Musiello Saluzzo - Villacidro

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Soragni Graziotto rejoicing

Winning and convincing performance for the Musiello Saluzzo of patron Piera Delgrosso that leaves no way out to Villacidro in the 11ª championship day.

At the 'A. Damiano 'the girls of coach Roberto Panigari line up with a balanced 4-4-2 with Malosti between the posts, rearguard composed by Anselmo, Del Gaudio, Giordano and Drammis, in the middle of the field Civalleri and Chialvo, on the wings Graziotto and Mellano support of the offensive tandem formed by Paoletti and Soragni.
From the first minutes of play the landlords take control of the operations by trying their luck from the distance with Mellano and Civalleri who warm up their gloves in Mulas. The Saluzzo midfielder makes an interesting ball round aimed at the sudden verticalisation towards the points while Villacidro is unable to find gaps relying only on long balls. Chialvo and Anselmo stand out in attack with two beatings from the limit with Mulas always very careful. When the Sardinian goalkeeper can't get there he thinks the crossbar to save the guests at 23 'when Mellano takes the wood from the limit. Opportunities for the landlords with Villacidro are pouring in, closing desperately on Paoletti and Soragni's close attempts. The goal net is in the air and arrives at the 38 ': Mellano cuts the Sardinian defense in two and serves Soragni in depth, who diagonally leaves no way out for Mulas.
The Villacidro staggers and at the beginning of the second half also arrives the doubling by Deborah Soragni who collects the assist of Graziotto, author of a disruptive descent on the left wing, and deposits at the bottom of the bag. The race could re-open at 12 'when Saiu, involuntarily served by Anselmo, comes face to face with Malosti who doesn't let himself be surprised by blocking the conclusion. The Villacidro tries to get out of his shell coming to the conclusion from the distance with Mattana and Saiu who find the Saluzzo goalkeeper always well placed. The final minutes, however, are still the prerogative of the landlords who could also score three of a kind but the attempts of Graziotto and Bianco come out of a whisker. The triple whistle of the referee confirms the end of hostilities and Musiello Saluzzo, thanks to the defeat of Molassana Boero with Alba, flies to fourth place.


MUSIELLO SALUZZO: Malosti, Drammis, Giordano, Del Gaudio, Civalleri, Anselmo (24'st Goletto), Soragni, Mellano, Paoletti (21'st Tosetto), Chialvo (1'st Bianco), Graziotto. To disp: Pavan, Delmonte, Olivo. All: Panigari

VILLACIDRO: Mulas, Angius, Vacca, Congia (43pt Diana), Ledda (27'st Vedele), Mattana, Pili, Casula (19'st Cocco), Balestri, Saiu, Atzori. To disp: Lasio, Murgia. All: Gorla

MARKERS: 38'pt Soragni (MS), 3'st Soragni (MS)
NOTES: Ammonite Casula and Ledda

Source: Sports Editor

Enrico Manassero
Author: Enrico ManasseroEmail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



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